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 2021's hottest trends (we adore them all!)

Nothing transforms a room like wallpaper so we have compiled a curated collection of trends that are going to be huge in 2021. It’s clear our tastes have changed this year and many of our decor decisions have our happiness and wellbeing at their centre. From fun and quirky, to subtle style, there's something to suit every style - all that's left to do is pick your favourite new look!

Tropical Shores
If this year saw us bringing the outdoors in with our home decor then next year our wallpaper will transport us to a tropical paradise. Large lush foliage creates a jungle-like atmosphere with soft pastel colours and exquisite details. From broad palm leaves and exotic fruits to shimmering safari animals the biggest trend for next year will be laid back tropical vibes. Playful animal prints will make a bold statement in hallways and bedrooms and we’ll see more butterflies, bees and birds, including jewelled hummingbirds and bright pink flamingos.
Of course, classic animal prints will continue as favourites, with leopard spots and zebra stripes used in new and imaginative ways. Style these prints with layered textiles, organic textures, woven touches and plenty of large indoor plants.
Designer, Elaine Butler, says:
"Colour can have a dramatic effect on our emotions and as we look to 2021 we’ll see a rise in uplifting, positive hues that create happy homes. Prints take inspiration from far flung places and exotic botanicals to give us a sense of escapism and help bring the outdoors in."


Our love of beautiful geometrics is here to stay - combined with glints of metallic shimmer, these patterns provide a sophisticated look that is timeless yet contemporary. In 2021 the trend will evolve to include more delicate shapes and curves whilst keeping a 1920’s art deco feel. Colour will go bolder and deeper with more luxurious jewel tones of emerald green, amethyst and deep blue. 
Keep an eye out for new geometric wallpaper patterns with a retro feel. Complement the look of these popular designs with gold and brass accessories, rich velvets, scalloped edges, classic pieces and natural wood finishes.
Designer, Elaine Butler, says:
"One of the quickest and easiest ways to update your home is by adding some pattern. Strong geometric forms create a modern, elegant backdrop and work brilliantly when paired with complementary paint colours. Next year's prints have evolved, drawing on the past with a nod to retro shapes and delicate line work."



An extension of the geometric trend, Nordic graphics includes minimal and muted repeating prints that are simple and elegant, with a Scandinavian feeling of balance. Tranquil hues and neutral colours give these geometric patterns a soothing quality. They work wonderfully in multifunctional spaces, from play areas to home offices, and look best with clean lines, a natural colour palette and lighter woods.

Designer, Elaine Butler, says:
"The popularity of Scandi interiors continues with focus on simple patterns and soft, muted colour palettes that can translate easily into any interior space."


From the eye-catching patterns of geodes to the captivating colours found in minerals and metals, this trend is all about appreciating the beauty of the natural world. From sustainable materials to raw ceramics the focus will be on organic tactile materials. A more refined take on the industrial style, we’ll see metallic finishes on lots of walls this year with warmer colours of copper, brass and bronze. Walls will wow with statement marble murals and metallic patina wallpapers.
Delicate ombre concrete effects and splashes of metallics will elevate the natural finishes that we’ll see in dining rooms and living rooms all over instagram, styled with warm neutrals, statement pieces and minimalist wall art.
Designer, Elaine Butler, says:
"Texture, metallic finishes and subtle sheen take centre stage and add a luxurious edge to industrial inspired looks. This trend allows you to go bold with deep, moody shades or keep things on the lighter side with pale metallics; the key for 2021 is to use a mixture of materials, metals and finishes."


Home as a sanctuary will continue to  be a huge trend that encompasses all of our interior design choices. Warm earth tones, paired with rustic wood plank effect wallpaper, will give the feeling of comfort and simplicity. Soft pastels and lightly patterned neutral wallpapers provide calm and tranquil spaces, while intricate details come in dusky pinks and terracotta shades. 
Wood panelling wallpaper and plaster finishes have a bohemian feel, especially when paired with woven materials, macrame and dried grasses. We’ll see wicker and rattan being used everywhere and fuss free brick effect wallpapers as the perfect backdrop for kitchens and bedrooms.
Designer, Elaine Butler, says:
"Creating a calm and tranquil space continues to be a major influence on interior decorating. Incorporating soft earthy tones and delicate prints helps us connect with nature and take pleasure in the simple things in life."