How to style your home for Christmas

The year has flown by once again, and here we are hunting the loft and basement for our old, reliable Christmas decorations. If you are an interior Instagram follower then you will know how much pride everyone is taking in their home. With the hashtag ‘#interiorstyling’ reaching over 7 million mentions, 2019 really has been […]

Upcycling Wallpaper at Christmas: Four Top Festive Tips

Whether you’re eco-friendly or simply just thrifty, reusing wallpaper is a great way to save money at Christmas and make an array of eye-catching, attractive decorations without busting the bank.  Not only will your Christmas decorations be one of a kind and completely unique, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that they’re planet-friendly […]

Interior Design Tips: Mixing & Matching Materials & Patterns

Mixing and matching in interior design is incredibly popular, and when done well, it can make a room’s aesthetics totally unique, but there’s a fine line between harmoniously marrying materials and patterns and creating an interior space that clashes.  One huge benefit of mixing and matching colours and prints is it allows you to keep […]