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How to Style Your Home for Christmas

The year has flown by once again, and here we are hunting the loft and basement for our old, reliable Christmas decorations. If you are an interior Instagram follower then you will know how much pride everyone is taking in their home. With the hashtag ‘#interiorstyling’ reaching over 7 million mentions, 2019 really has been a monumental year for interior lovers.

Christmas is no exception when it comes to taking pride in interior design. Give your home some festive flair this holiday with our gorgeous Christmas living room decorating ideas. From dressing the tree in decorative bows to jazzing up the coffee table with sweet cinnamon scented candles, we’ve found ways to make every corner of your space fabulous this festive period. 

Choose your theme

Are you a traditional Christmas decorator? Covering your tree in all things red, green and gold. Or are you strict colour coordinated? The “anything that doesn’t match isn’t coming near” type.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a balance between traditional and contemporary, and find a look that suits your space.

Try dressing your tree in the same shade as your upholstery to bring the whole room together. We have taken luxury home interior to the next level by accompanying the Crystal Greek Key Glass Beads Wallpaper in Gold with a heavenly blush coated tree.

Decorating with a warmer wallpaper shade has enhanced comfort and charm throughout this living area. Gold can be used as an accent colour all year round to complete and lift a simple scheme. Pairing these gold hues with blush decor has delved into a delicate and soft colour pallet. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle too! Glittery baubles are all the range right now.

Add some home comfort

If your home is usually the hub of family festivities at Christmas, then your living room will be the go-to space to relax and unwind. Which is even more reason to create a nostalgic, cosy home full of furry accessories! Yes that’s right – from fur coated cushions to thick lavish faux throws. Layer up in style this Christmas. 

As well the obvious winter warmers, make sure you dot plenty of Christmas scented candles around! Your home needs to smell as good as it looks, and nothing says Christmas like flickering festive candles.

Let there be light!

The light in a room ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambience of choice. A simple change in lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and transform a dull space into an inviting hub with the flick of a switch.

The Tree is usually the focal point of your Christmas decor, lighting up the whole room. To match the warmth of the wallpaper, we recommend opting for warm honey-coloured Christmas lights to create a deeply rich and charming scheme.

The crystal beaded wallpaper is set to sparkle all year long with this Pasadena table lamp. It’s frosted shade and gold metallic stand complement the Greek Key design beautifully. Find a lamp that can perfectly fit in with the exclusive and exceptional style of your home.

Get crafty this Christmas

No one said you have to spend a fortune to bring your glamorous home vision to life. You can get really creative with the decs by making your own! This not only means yours is original and like no other – it also adds to the festive fun.

We used unwanted wallpaper samples to create our very own Christmas tree topper. This is a fabulous way to re-use your samples and the perfect finishing touch. There’s plenty you can make too. From baubles to homemade garlands and wreaths. The list is endless, and will provide some amusement for you and the family.

Effortless glamour

The crucial element here is the furniture. Opt for plush fabrics, velvet covered chairs and a metal or glass side table. This variety of textures adds effortless glamour, creating a very sophisticated yet relaxed look. 

Start by selecting 2 or 3 colours that contrast subtly with the wallpaper and have some fun! Gold, Neutral & Blush Pink works so heavenly together, and we have incorporated those tones throughout the furniture and decor to match. Adding velvet furnishings is tactile and durable with a hint of decadence,. The texture will instantly turn a room from drab to fab.

Find the perfect backdrop for your home and start creating a Christmas hub of dreams. Whether you adore our admirable gold designs, or need some frosted snowflake vibes we have it all here to create a home you’ll love this festive period.

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