2020 Wallpaper Trends

When it comes to redecorating, it pays to stay ahead of the curve and approach your interior design with confidence. One way of doing this is to familiarise yourself with up and coming trends for 2020, figuring out exactly how and where you can incorporate new prints and colours into your home. 

Whether you’re working in wallpaper around an existing colour scheme or looking to completely change up the hues in your house, there’s a fantastic variety of fresh-looking prints that are sure to turn heads and transform your living space. 

Of course, the informed I Love Wallpaper team have had their eyes towards 2020 wallpaper trends for some time now. So, with the new year in full swing and the Christmas cobwebs well and truly brushed off, it’s time to take a look at our top four wallpaper trends for 2020. 

#1 Floral & Tropical Prints

We started to see floral wallpaper and tropical prints growing in popularity towards the back end of 2019, and these patterns show no signs of slowing down as we wade into the new decade. 

Being eco-conscious, planet-friendly and living much more sustainably are all key, global points at present, so letting nature into your home with foliage-based prints is most definitely in fashion. 

How bold and colourful you choose to be with your wallpaper is entirely up to you, but thankfully, there’s a huge range of options available for however daring or subdued you decide to go. 

Among our favourites is the Lucie Annabel Palma Tropical Wallpaper Navy, pictured above. Not only is this an ideal means of introducing more plant life into your living space, but you can effortlessly mix and match with ‘Classic Blue’, the Pantone colour of the year for 2020.

#2 Geometric & 3D Shapes

If you’re not afraid to go bold, then why not consider the inclusion of some geometric or three-dimensional wallpaper? Both styles lend themselves brilliantly to contemporary spaces, offering an often much-needed pop of texture against the smoothness of concrete, glass and steel and pale colour schemes. 

Intertwining patterns such as our Hexa Geometric Wallpaper (pictured) play on the eyes, drawing attention to your wall for all the right reasons and adding a different dimension to your living space. What’s more, they work amazingly well alongside modern materials such as copper, rose gold and bold, mix-match prints. 

#3 Metallic Effect

Contrary to popular belief, metallic wallpaper doesn’t have to be cold and clinical, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Golds and coppers give off a natural warm glow, which could be why so many of them can be found as living room wallpaper options! You’ll find that both materials are in-trend and feature regularly in both contemporary and traditional furniture and accessories.

Prints such as our Geneva Metallic Pink and Gold Wallpaper work wonderfully alongside warm colours, eye-catching accessories and bold, mixed prints. They’ll give your space an inviting, warm and textured aesthetic that you can’t help but sit back and relax in.

#4 Art Deco Inspiration

Retro inspiration is going to be rife among 2020 wallpaper trends, so get ready to see the appearance of art deco prints this year. The art deco style is incredibly adaptable, and though it’s synonymous with contemporary glass and steel, it also lends itself well to more rustic and traditional aesthetics too. 

Versatile wallpapers such as the Arthouse Deco Peacock pictured here sit comfortably with warm wools, woods and rich, earthy textures, while at the same time it’ll look just as great alongside sleek, modern furnishings. 

If you’re incorporating any of our 2020 wallpaper trends into your interior, we’d love to see them! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to keep us posted and check out our feed for exclusive how to’s and products. On the hunt for more handy information and decorating advice? Head on over to our I Love Wallpaper blog page.

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