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Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas

As a planet, we’re becoming more and more conscious of the effect that our consumption and waste are having on the earth (thank you, David Attenborough – we love you). 

As a result of this new-found awareness (better late than never, ey), eco-friendly interior design is a top priority for many when redecorating their home. At I Love Wallpaper, we’re all about giving you plenty of sustainable inspiration, so read on below for some amazing eco-friendly decorating ideas. 

Decorate with Plants

The obvious option for getting in touch with nature; let more nature into your home! Plants provide an inexpensive-yet-effective means of eco-friendly interior design that both looks great and is kind on the environment too. 

What’s more, the addition of plants will actually benefit your living space and your health, filtering out potentially harmful chemicals in the air and providing a source of oxygen. So, if you’re looking to do your bit, we’d definitely recommend adding some natural beauty into your home’s interior with some lovely, leafy houseplants.

Top style tip: House plants look especially amazing when paired with floral and tropical wallpaper.

Eco-Friendly Paint

Many paints contain volatile organic compounds (or VOC) that evaporate at room temperature, in the enclosed space of your home, this can cause a number of health problems including headaches, nausea, liver damage, eye and throat irritation and they have even been linked to cancer. 

This being said, even without the environmental impact, it makes sense to avoid VOC paint for the sake of our health. We recommend plumping for a water-based alternative or low-odour paints such as our amazing selection of colours from Johnstones.  

Make the Most of Natural Light

Lighting is an important aspect of any interior space, but how often have you needlessly left a light on or added a lamp just ‘cos it looks nice? 

Allowing natural light to do its thing in a room is a great way to lessen the impact on the environment as well as your monthly bills, so pay close attention to where the sun settles at certain times of the day and free up as much window space as possible. 

Top style tip: Cleverly placed mirrors can maximise the effect of natural light in your interior and make the room look bigger! 

Choose Natural Textiles and Furniture

Though plastics and polyesters are the cheaper options, they’re most certainly not planet-friendly. It always pays to invest in solid, wooden furniture such as the likes of oak and walnut which are durable, last much longer and can be repurposed. 

If you can pick up a nice antique piece then all the better, giving an old bit of furniture a new home is an ultimate way to stay green! 

When it comes to textiles, again, you should stay away from synthetic fabrics. There’s plenty of cheap, sustainable and ethical natural textiles to choose from such as wool and cotton, while ceramics, cork and wood will look far better than any plastics or cheap imitations. 

There you have it, four simple steps to reducing your carbon footprint and benefiting from some amazing, eco-friendly decorating ideas. Get a head start on your next project head over to our website here

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