How to Take the Best Home Interior Photo for Instagram

Capturing a beautiful, well composed interior photo for Instagram isn’t easy.

We’ve gathered expert tips from photographers and room stylists to bring you 5 essential tips to perfecting an interior image for your Instagram feed. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to showcase the thought and love that’s gone into creating the home you love.

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1. Lighting

Perfecting your lighting is definitely most important when taking a photograph. If you’re not a professional photographer and you don’t have expensive, fancy lighting, then you need to use daytime light to the best of your advantage. 

Avoid clicking your flash on and make sure you have the light behind you to create the illusion of a bigger and open space.

Although it may be your first instinct to turn all the lights on in a room before taking a photo, don’t do it. Lights will give your photo an orange tint, and can make the shot look dated and dingey. Natural light looks so much better, and softer. 

With plenty of practise you will master the best times of the day to shoot in each of your rooms. 

2. Placing 

It is really important to think about what accessories you want in the shot. This photo does not need to be over-crowded, it does not need to show every single item in your room, it needs to highlight the most important feature. Instagram is all about imagery, if you try and squeeze every item in your home in one photo, your feed will get pretty repetitive – very quickly.

Experiment and get fancy with your placing. Think of it as your own home photo shoot. You want it to portray your home in the best light, showing only the best bits. Relevant items need to be clearly displayed within shot, and perfectly positioned to compliment the main focus, which in this case – is the wallpaper.

3. Focus

This brings us to point number three. An important factor to remember is that every picture tells a story. You need to think about what your focus is for that image. Highlighting this first will make it easier to create unique content for your page. Once you’ve decided what the main feature of the image is, you can then create the scene.

If for example, you wanted to do a close up shot in your dining room, but wanted the focus to be on your new wallpaper, you would make sure the clearest thing in the photo is the wall. Set everything else up in the room to divert everyone’s focus to that wall. 

4. Composition

The rule of thirds is a compositional “rule” that suggests dividing the image into thirds and placing the subject on one of those sides, instead of in the center. 

Depending on what the focus of the photo is and how big the space is, capturing your image from waist height can portray more of a natural perspective. However, if the focus was a high wall then you may need to think about positioning it a bit higher.

Any movement in a photo can cause your image to be blurry. You may want to consider getting a tripod for the device you’re using, whether that’s your smartphone or camera. This will create a more professional and clear image to share on your feed.

5. Editing

Instagram feeds can vary. Sometimes you can click on your favourite influencers page to find they use the same filter on every image. This creates a theme and can be aesthetically pleasing. However, this can become old very quickly. 

We suggest being open to new styles and colours. Explore brightness in one shot if it’s a sunny day, and dress your image with a moody undertone if it’s a rainy day. You need your posts to be relatable, but also welcoming. 

We don’t advise overdoing it when it comes to editing. Maybe up the exposure and add a little contrast. Adding tints or going all out on your saturation can create a very false image. Instagram followers want to endeavour into a space that is inspiring, not Photoshopped.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when shooting the perfect interior photo. Overall, be sure you have plenty of natural light behind you, don’t cramp the space you’re shooting, and focus on one thing. Then once your image is complete – don’t over edit it! 

Create an Instagram feed that is bright, shows your home at it’s best, and most importantly, will inspire your followers.

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