How to Avoid Decor Regrets

Redecorating your living space can be a lot of fun; it’s a chance to freshen things up and embrace a new season of style. We all know, however, that it’s not without its potential slip-ups.

Along the way to achieving your ideal interior, there are a few pitfalls you’ll want to be wary of. Let us be your guide to stopping the mistakes early, and correcting things when it does go wrong (no-one need ever know!)

Picking the wrong paint and wallpaper

With so many patterns and colours of wallpapers and murals available, as well as so many paint shades, deciding on and picking the right hue for your room is no simple task. Regretting your choice is one of the most common mistakes made but it can be the simplest to avoid.

We love the idea of creating a moodboard as a way to bring together all your ideas and settle on the perfect choice for you. Take a look at our mini-masterclass on moodboard creation to get started.

Investing in the wrong sized furniture

Whether it’s mistaking cm for inches, guesstimating the size of a room, or not realising the ceilings were quite so low (or high!) It’s to be expected that at some point you will make a mistake with the furniture and wind up with something that is just not quite the right size for the space.

The best solution? Measure, measure again – and even a third time if needed! As tedious as this may be, it’s going to pay dividends in the end. When measuring, don’t forget to account for the likes of bay windows, radiators, recesses and space which any doors need to open within. Another top tip is to use masking tape or similar to effectively ‘chalk out’ the shape of your furniture, where they will sit, how much space they’ll take up and also how much room will be left for you to manoeuvre in. 

Remember the Layout of your Room

Whether you subscribe to feng shui, or just like the idea of order, there’s no denying that the layout of your space directly impacts both the look and feel. 

Our mood is influenced by our environment and surroundings, for instance, many people struggle to concentrate and work in a cluttered environment, and then there’s the old adage of ‘tidy house, tidy mind’

Feeling cosy and instilling your own character and personality into a room is key, however, you also need to make sure that your layout and furnishings work together in tandem. This will ensure that your interior is not only aesthetically pleasing but a pleasant space in which to live too. 

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