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Whether you work from home on a regular basis, or it’s your first time doing so, we’re sure you’ll agree that having a dedicated place in the house for the 9-5 can make a huge difference to your productivity, your focus and even your daily stress levels!

A great starting point for your home office is to think about what you need for the role that you do. Then add your own personal style! 

It’s also important to consider where your home office is located. Are you lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated as an office? Does it double as a playroom for the kids, a dressing room or even a spare room for overnight guests? All these things need to be taken into account when deciding on the perfect wallpaper for your home office… (and it goes without saying you want a space that looks amazing on that daily video call!)

Go for pattern

Pic credit – @clarityinteriorstyling

Who wants to spend time staring at a blank wall?! Create a stylish feature wall for your office with a bold print in pared back colours, to create a fantastic look without fear of distraction. Complete your look with home office accessories that tie into one of the year’s biggest trends, in this case an uplifting spring Scandinavian vibe with plants and natural-look fabrics. 

Cosy corner

Pic credit – @mrs_rackley.home

If your home office is more nook than room, maximising space is vital! And it’s important to create a look that works with the overall room. Achieve this easily with an industrial-style wallpaper that tones back the pattern and turns up the shine. 

We’re a huge fan of the way Milan Metallic wallpaper in Neutral & Gold is used so stylishly by @mrs_rackley.home to create her home office space. The clever use of storage doesn’t distract from the subtle pattern, while the colours perfectly complement the overall room decor, seamlessly blending work and home life looks!   

The new neutral

Pic credit – @mybudgethome

If anything is going to uplift your workspace it’s bright colours and the beauty of nature. Creating a nature-inspired home office can be done in different ways, utilising pretty plain wallpaper or a subtly incorporated silver wallpaper. We love the way that @mybudgethome has achieved this look, cleverly incorporating the Venice Industrial Metallic wallpaper to boost her accessories and give the wall an overall ‘finished’ look that a plain white wall would struggle to achieve.

If you’ve been inspired to rework your own home office, take a look at our huge range of wallpapers here – and follow us on Instagram for even more tips, advice and inspiration!

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