Have A Monochrome Moment

When it comes to an interior style that works for every major trend, it’s difficult to imagine a more perfect pairing than black and white. This classic combination works with a whole host of accent colours, meaning switching your whole room look could be as simple as switching up a few accessories. Not sure if Monochrome is for you? Let us show you how to make it work for every trend…from the ever-popular scandi wallpaper trend, or industrial, to floral, wildlife and full-on glamour.

Follow our style tips and have yourself a monochrome wallpaper moment!

Black and White… and Scandi

Bringing a little nature into the home has a huge number of benefits, something we touched upon in our tropical style guide. The scandi trend is all about calming tones peppered with natural fibres and earthy prints. Think yellows and greens, all set against a stunning neutral black and white banana leaf print wallpaper.


Black and White…and Industrial

One of the reasons black and white prints work so well together is the sharp contrast of the colours. What better way to highlight this than with a crisp geometric print wallpaper, such as the Wingate in mono. The sharp shapes in the print perfectly match with staple industrial accessories such as brown leather and black metal.


Black and White…and Floral

Of course, monochrome doesn’t need to be angular to draw attention. Saturated floral prints can look amazing when teamed against a backdrop of rich, luxurious fabrics in complementary shades. Making charcoal wallpaper work in floral shades, like this Midnight Floral Mono shows that black and white is anything but a plain and simple shade combo! 


Black and White…and Wildlife

When it comes to interior decoration, taking a walk on the wild side can involve stunning colours and intricate patterns…which can make matching colours a real headache! The answer? Monochrome! Combine the wonderful patterns of animal prints in a black and white colour scheme. Our Dalmatian Print wallpaper makes coordination a sinch and brings a grown-up edge to the most playful of looks! 


Black and White…and Full-on Glamour

From timeless black and white films to the little black dress and pearl combo, monochrome has long been associated with glamour and style…Play to this with bold patterns in rooms designed to be a little indulgent and fun, including dressing rooms and bathrooms. We love the use of Nordic Geometric Mono to create a space that brings old school Hollywood right up-to-date.


Been inspired? Take a look at our full monochrome wallpaper range and share your room-over with us on our social channels. Be sure to give us a follow for more inspiration, tips and advice on making wallpaper work for every room! 

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