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Which Floral wallpaper is best?

All things bright and beautiful – floral prints are a burst of fresh air. From bold blooms to delicate leaf and foliage prints, our collection of summer inspired papers will transform your home. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite flower and leaf designs to inspire you this season.

Beautifully Bold Floral Murals

We’re starting big with our eye-catching collection of floral murals. A variety of flowers, from peonies to roses, are depicted in incredible detail that captures the true beauty of these beautiful blooms. A delicate colour palette and clever shading brings the whole mural to life and creates a finished look that will deliver the wow factor to you living room or bedroom.

Pick out the colours in soft throws and cushions to complete the look.

I Love Wallpaper Vintage Peony Mural Blush

Go Bananas for Leaf Prints

When it comes to leaf prints, nothing is as uplifting, versatile, quirky and fun as Banana Leaf wallpaper. A simple line design in a busy repeating pattern has proved inspirational for some many of you in your interior designs!

From bold, decked-out bathrooms to sleek scandi-inspired dining spaces, this wallpaper is a fuss-free way to transform your room to a tropical paradise you can enjoy every day of the week.

Flower-Filled Floris Floral

Unashamedly floral, this vibrant collection puts us in mind of a summer hedgerow, teaming with flowers and fruit, playing among the wild foliage. The overall look is so detailed and colourful you can virtually smell the roses in full bloom.

This flowery design is full of impact as a feature wall in your living room or bedroom, or go bold as cover every wall in a smaller space such as a downstairs toilet, for an uplifting, fun look.

I Love Wallpaper Floris Floral wallpaper in Charcoal & Multicoloured

When decorating your home, be style confident and use florals to make a statement. Beautiful designs will definitely bring a flowery freshness to your space. 

Shop our full wallpaper range here.

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