Lessons in Colour – Lesson 1: Calm

The colour of your interior spaces can have a huge impact on the way you feel. While some can boost our energy and leave us invigorated, others can soothe and relax us.

If you want your home to feel tranquil and calm we’ve compiled some of our favourite colour combinations for your walls

Embrace the serenity and simple beauty associated with minimalist interior by choosing the perfect shades to suit your taste, personality and mood.

Introduce laid back tones to create a peaceful sanctuary and add subtle texture to your walls with our beautiful textured wallpaper designs.

Simplicity is a key element when trying to create a relaxing mood throughout. Soft muted tones bring peace indoors, and adding understated patterns creates a feeling of luxury. 

When choosing pattern designs keep shapes uncomplicated, and colours and textures should harmoniously blend together. 

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Create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom by adding textures and delicate prints in pale shades. 

Layering up cushions, throws and keeping your furniture light and neutral, adds to that spa-like feeling.

Or why not create a harmonious bathroom by using natural materials such as wood and rattan, helping to add comfort and warmth while you enjoy a soak in the tub.

Calming neutrals offer an ageless approach to interior design, ideal for every room. 

Simply pick your favourite soothing shade and combine with natural accessories to create the perfect look. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to create a calming ambience within your home. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration, and tag us in your own, I Love Wallpaper looks!  View our full wallpaper collection here.

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