Creating The Perfect Nursery Look

Your child’s nursery is one of the most special rooms in your home, full of anticipation and the promise of treasured memories to come. When it comes to decorating the space, the key is to create a coherent look. 

A sense of calm

Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect look for baby boys, baby girls, or a neutral look if you’re keeping this a secret for the time being. The right wallpaper can set the tone for the whole room, whatever your theme. We love the look that @mylittlepieceoftheworld created, using soft greys to create a look that perfectly blends traditional and contemporary elements. The clever use of accessories to provide pops of colour simply add to the magic and would work in any shade.

An engaging environment

A lively print is a great way to create a nursery environment that is stimulating and engaging. Tie a bold tropical print into beautiful, eco-friendly furniture and fashionable rattan accessories for a modern, bright room you will love spending time in with your new bundle of joy. This is a timeless theme that you can continue through from being babies to toddlers and older children, simply switch up the accessories! To start, complement your nursery look with soft stuffed animals and easy to maintain plants, just like the beautiful room @louisebrooks85 has created.

Pretty in print

Sometimes the simplest pattern can make the biggest impact, particularly when it comes to smaller spaces. Repetitive prints in light, bright colours can create a sense of space and tie together each of your carefully chosen furnishings into a tidy, insta-worthy room that any parent can be proud of. One of our favourite examples comes from @mybudgethome who has created an eye-catching and organised look with just three colours and our stunning polka dot wallpaper

Whatever nursery style you’re planning, traditional, modern, animal-themed or neutral, we have a lovingly curated collection of papers to create a space you will adore. Don’t forget to tag your projects on instagram for the chance to feature on our channels. 


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