Lessons In Colour: Simplicity

This month’s lesson is all about simplicity. Whether it’s simple shimmers, stark geometric, or pale shades, striping back colour can create a modern, striking scheme that exudes effortless style.

In the dark

Make moody shades such as inky steel, charcoal and slate your choice to elevate larger spaces. Using this shade as inspiration for your bedroom wallpaper , kitchen look, or other large rooms, will uplift your look in an instant.

Pair our charcoal wallpaper designs with clean, simple furniture for the ultimate style statement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace the dark side, black enhances the colours and shapes around it. Shop dark toned wallpaper designs here.

Pale and interesting

Keep things pale and interesting with a mix of whites and create a light, airy space that oozes elegance.

If you prefer something on the lighter side choose a palette of white, ivory and porcelain. This way it’s easy to add visual interest and warmth with a mix of textures within your furniture and accessories. Shop neutral wallpaper designs here.


Black and white are a perfect colour combination with endless possibilities. Graphic patterns stop things looking stark and create a bold backdrop. We also recommend getting creative by adding a pop of colour!

Go right back to basics with wallpaper based on black, white and charcoal shades. Shop monochrome wallpaper designs here.

Using neutral tones on your walls is a great option to widen your interior style choices.

Whether you continue the theme across your room, choose contrasting colours, or pick out certain aspects, your choices are limitless.
Create a home you’ll love with our simple plain wallpaper designs, shop our full range here.

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