Three Stylish Ways To Work The Animal Print Trend For 2020

When it comes to interior design, it’s hard not to go wild for animal print. Eternally popular, this year our design team has taken the stylish design to the next level with our latest stunning wallpaper – leopard metallic.

Created exclusively in-house, leopard metallic is a modern take on this most recognisable of patterns, the leopard print. To create the paper our team took inspiration from two key elements – the classic colour palette of white, brown and black, and the abstract flow of the pattern. Combined on a fresh white background, with flickers of gold, the overall impact is cool, modern, and undeniably eye-catching. 

To show the versatility of this paper, we have styled three different looks guaranteed to appeal to your inner creative and inspire you to a new autumnal look.

Look 1 – Positively playful 

Our youthful take on leopard print can’t help but bring a touch of joy to the wall of every room it adorns. With more of us spending time indoors, and the dark nights closing in, finding a look that delivers a burst of happiness is certainly worth considering. Create positivity by picking out the colours of the print in your furnishings, using a luxurious mix of fabrics. 

For our first look, we have created a room brimming with complimenting yet contrasting materials. The industrial vibe of the black and wooden side table is beautifully offset by the rich velvet headboard, white throw and elegant gold lamp. Not only does this tie into several of the year’s hottest trends, but it’s completely adaptable. Changing only a few accessories means you can completely transform the look of the room!

Give it a try, embrace a positive look for autumn / winter that will look just as lovely when the hot weather returns. 

Look 2 – Minimal magic

While animal print can sometimes feel overwhelming, the stripped back style of our leopard metallic wallpaper gives it a refreshingly uncluttered look. Expand on this feeling of calm and light, with a stripped back interior. 

For look two we created a pared-back look, making maximum use of block colour furniture and simple angles and shapes to let our gorgeous new print do all the talking. This is a fantastic option for a smaller room, particularly somewhere you want to feel creative, such as an office. Not got a whole room to dedicate to one use? The stark colour palette in this print means you can easily create a feature space in a larger room without clashing with other decor. 

Go ahead, create a stylishly stripped-back creative corner all your own!  

Look 3 – Gorgeously glam

If there’s one word that will be forever associated with leopard print it is glamour – from fashion to homeware, animal-print evokes feelings of luxury and excitement. 

Lean into that look by adding leopard metallic to your most indulgent spaces, from the walk-in wardrobe to the make-up corner you could spend hours pampering yourself in. You could even take a ‘walk on the wild side’ and transform the hallway into your own fun catwalk space!  

For our third look, we dialled up style in the dressing room, blending art deco furnishings with whimsical fresh flowers and carefully chosen accessories. A dramatic white throw adds an extra hint of starlet style, while the achingly fashionable woven basket stops the look from being the wrong side of OTT. A stylish choice, this also works brilliantly for a girls bedroom, bathroom or even a dining area, the choice is yours! 

Treat yourself with a stunning space in which to indulge your inner diva, even at 3pm on a rainy Thursday!  

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