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Trend Alert: Fabulously Dark Florals

Floral wallpaper designs are beautiful, romantic and simply timeless but this Autumn these pretty patterns have had a contemporary makeover with larger than life prints and stunning dark backdrops.

Vintage is what stereotypically springs to mind when we think of flowery wallpaper prints, but as trends change and new interior styles come in and out of fashion, florals are always a classic addition to any space.

Adapting old trends and introducing them into new schemes can be difficult, which is why we are showing you how to use this classic pattern in an updated way with our favourite Moody Bloom Wallpaper Designs.

It’s important to consider how colour, texture and scale all play a role in helping style floral wallpaper designs with a contemporary twist.

Embrace the darker side of life with our deep rich floral designs – there’s nothing quite like a dark accent wall to draw a room together.

Pair the dramatic Creation Floral Wallpaper with a mix of rich jewel tones for a luxurious finish.

If dark accent walls sound a little daunting, try softening the look with blush pinks and delicate accents for the ultimate eclectic style.

Flowery wallpaper prints already have plenty of visual texture to them, so ramping it up with textured accessories will be the perfect fit next to these designs – think velvet headboards, soft plush cushions and faux fur throws.

The Lavina Floral Wallpaper embraces bold colour with bright contrast. A dark backdrop is the perfect complement to a colour pop.

A monochrome scheme is another great way to introduce this trend to your home.

This scheme is so versatile and because the shades tend to blend together, busier wallpaper designs will add visual interest and depth to the desired room.

The Painterly Floral Wallpaper keeps an enduring look while adapting to chic and modish styles.

When styling a floral design in your home, pay attention to colour – combine classic navy with hints of greens and purples throughout, using smaller accents in your room for a unique look.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate contrasting shades throughout your room, experimenting will help you design a space you can call your own.

Not all floral wallpaper has to be of a larger scale either – The Floris Floral Wallpaper delves into a more abstract look.

Floral is no longer a dated print, but instead a wallpaper design that’s full of life and excitement.

Create the look for yourself with our favourite Moody Bloom Wallpaper designs – a trend that is layered with pattern, colour and texture, ready to be introduced into your home.  

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