How-To Master a Mix of Metals and Metallic in Your Decor

Mixing metals used to be a no go when it came to interior design.

Picking one metal and keeping things matchy-matchy was the done thing. And while there’s still no harm in that, there has been a definite shift from matching to mixing metals to create a touch of luxe.

But you need to strike the right balance and think beyond metal materials to really master the right mix.

You’ll also find metallic tones in soft furnishings and wall coverings – from cushions and throws to artwork and metallic wallpapers. All of which can help to draw your mix of metals together.

To avoid any mismatch, stick to these five ground rules if you’re thinking of mixing your metals.

1. Choose one dominant metal 

To steer clear of a colour clash, choose one dominant metal that complements your colour scheme.

Warmer metals like gold, rose gold, copper and brass pair well with dusky tones of pink, navy and emerald.

Cooler metals like silver, nickel and chrome suit the more neutral tones of a grey, white or pastel palette. 

2. Use your dominant metal to create a focal point

Make sure your dominant metal is central to your decor and use it to create a focal point.

Create a stunning feature wall with one of our metallic wallpapers, and add a matching metallic mirror, clock or shade to the room to reinforce your main choice.

Our Arna Geo Rose Gold Wallpaper and Winter Tree Metallic Wallpaper are perfect choices for rose gold dominance.

3. Mix no more than two or three different metals

Any more than that, and you risk your mix of metals lacking cohesion.

Let your dominant metal take centre stage, and add one or two others as accent metals to draw the eye and add a pop of contrasting colour.

More neutral, base metals like cast iron are ideal for bridging together your dominant and accent choices.

You could also consider combining one or two different finishes to add some defining elements to your mix of metals, from brushed or polished, to hammered and distressed.

4. Tie in soft furnishings that have metallic finishes

To really channel this trend and create a clever cocktail of metals and metallics, bring soft furnishings into the mix.

Pair our Milan Metallic Grey Silver Wallpaper with a silver fabric sofa and accent your scheme with some splashes of gold metal.

Or if you’re aiming for opulence, our Blue Bronze Liquid Marble Wallpaper with its beautiful blue hues and gold metallic marble effect ties together perfectly with metallic throw cushions and a mix of gold and copper accents.

5. Space your metals out around the room

Make sure your mix of metals complement each other and don’t compete by giving them room to make their own statement – don’t clump them all together.

Use a mix of metal materials, trinket pieces, metallic wallpaper and fabrics to help you balance your metal touches evenly around the room.

To master the art of mixing metals, it needs to look deliberate and not random.

So it pays to be daring with your dominant metal.

Shop our range of metallic wallpapers to set the tone for your mix of metals – and if you stick to these five ground rules, you’ll achieve an elegant blend that adds character and charm.

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