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Make Christmas Twice as Nice This Year With Clever Coordination

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there is really one question that matters – which colour scheme do we go with this year? Whether you opt for just two or three options, or create a lively scheme with multiple colours, the secret to a great festive look is coordination.

Just like the best presents, coordination is truly the gift that keeps on giving, so we’re going to give you the secrets to make your home look harmonious, at Christmas and every other day! We’ve teamed up with specialist home interiors experts, Fire & Co to show you some stunning examples of coordinated festive cheer. 

Mix metallics with neutral tones

Why settle for one feature when two work so wonderfully together. Both this beautiful Fire & Co cabinet and chair, and our own Liquid Marble wallpaper would work as an eye-catching look in their own right, each complementing rather than clashing. 

The two work so well against the paper because they share similar traits – plain colour and one main design focus. A bright white sideboard with a neat yet interesting repeating pattern, and a luxurious grey chair in a rich and inviting fabric. 

The same trick is used to great effect in the living room, which introduces more colours via a beautiful sofa, side table and pouffe from Fire & Co. By sticking to the rule of one colour per item, and a good mix of classic shapes and interesting fabrics, the look blends seamlessly together.

Keep the festive style prominent by going with accessories in the same silver and gold tones which can be easily switched for neutral grey, gold and white accessories for more relaxed day to day glamour.

Use every tone to create a layered look 

This look starts with two strong, always popular shades, navy and gold. Not only do interiors experts love these shades to create a rich, warm, welcoming atmosphere, they are also very popular come Christmas, in a variety of shades. From the delicate blue of frozen stars to dark opulent baubles, and festive gold in a variety of tones, when it comes to blue and gold there are so many options. 

Here our team has styled a festive dining room with gold accents and fun lighting. The look is perfectly pulled together with dining chairs from Fire & Co in a teal, to finish the look to perfection. This whole draws from the same colour palette to create an eclectic yet organised style which can be easily switched up once the decorations are put away.

Whether you choose to create a showstopping look by combining eye-catching wallpapers and furnishings, or take inspiration from rich shades of the same colour palette, once you know the secrets of coordination there’s no stopping you from creating a look you will love at Christmas and all year round.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to be a little festive with your interior design, be sure to sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration, and tag us in your own, I Love Wallpaper looks! 

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