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Start the Year Afresh With a Dreamy new Dressing Room Wallpaper

In 2020 we’ve definitely been ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ more often than we’d like. But with what looks like light at the end of the tunnel in 2021, it’s time to put life back into your dressing area and deck the walls with a fresh new look.

A dressing room is a perfect escape to pamper, prep and indulge in some me-time. It’s a space that should reflect your individuality and personal style – and a dreamy new dressing room wallpaper can do just that.

Transform your dressing room from drab to fab with one of our dressing room wallpaper favourites.

Animal print wallpaper

Animal print is back as a fashion favourite, and it’s also become an interior design trend that has given us all the courage to be a bit wilder with our wallpaper.

Think leopard print, zebra stripes and tropical transformations.

Animal print wallpaper is an excellent way to inject some personality and interest into your dressing room decor.

Opting for a busier backdrop like animal print wallpaper works well when it’s balanced by simple furnishings that let the true prowess of the print work its magic.

Here, our Dalmation Wallpaper has been styled perfectly with a minimalist white dressing table and matching shelving, with black accessories used to tie it all together.

Shop our Dalmation Wallpaper here.

Metallic wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper is definitely a dressing room favourite, adding a lining of luxury to your walls.

It makes a sophisticated statement with its subtle sheen and reflects light around your dressing room, creating a clever sense of space.

From simple to extravagant and everything in between, there’s a metallic wallpaper print to suit all styles, allowing you to express your individuality and say it with a shimmer.

Here, our Silver and Grey Camden Trellis Wallpaper creates a sensationally classy, high-end finish in this dressing room.

Pairing this metallic wallpaper with white furniture makes the pattern pop, with the grey velvet upholstered chair completing this lavish look.

Shop our Camden Trellis Wallpaper here.

Monochrome wallpaper

As versatile as a little black dress, monochrome wallpaper will forever be a dressing room favourite of ours.

Opting for a black and white feature wallpaper in your dressing room means you can easily switch up your accessories to create a whole new look.

It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking to create an abstract and contemporary finish.

Here, our Monochrome Nordic Geometric Wallpaper adds amazing movie star glamour to this dressing room.

The marble tiled floor, white shelving and professional folding makeup chair set the perfect backstage scene.

Lights, camera, action anyone?

Shop our Monochrome Nordic Geometric Wallpaper here.

Geometric wallpaper

Last but certainly not least, we couldn’t talk about dressing room decor without the satisfying symmetry and structure of geometric wallpaper.

Whether you’re after big and bold, or soft and subtle, geometric wallpaper combines intricate patterns and abstract shapes that work together wonderfully to create a contemporary dressing room decor.

Geometric patterns can add an element of order and organisation to your dressing room, creating a calming space to dress before work or glam up for a night out.

Here, our Pink and Rose Gold Zara Shimmer Wallpaper is the backdrop to this light and modern dressing room.

The triangular geometric arrangement has that contemporary edge with the pink and rose gold colours creating a fresh and feminine feel. 

Shop our Pink and Rose Gold Zara Shimmer Wallpaper here.

New year, new dressing room decor?

With 2021 full of promise and positivity, shop our full range of wallpapers and deck your dressing room walls with a fresh new look for the year ahead.

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