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Interior Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Today we have a fab guest blog from our interior design friends at 

The Living House

Good news – updating your home needn’t cost a fortune! If you’re feeling strapped for cash after Christmas, you’re not alone – but there are some easy ways to spruce up your home in the New Year and get a luxury look on a shoestring budget.  

We are the experts in affordable interior design so here are our expert tips for some quick changes you can try, to help shake off the winter doldrums. 

Clear the clutter

A top tip that costs nothing!!  To achieve the luxury clutter free interior look, no expenditure is required – just some time. Set aside five minutes each day to put away papers, clothes and the general detritus of life. Try the one touch rule; put away your things immediately and avoid handling them more than once after you’re done with them. It may not seem like much, but it’s enough to keep a surface clear and help stop piles of stuff building up. Over a week you’ll have a clearer, calmer space.

Upcycle furniture

Have a good look at what you already own. Updating existing furniture with a new coat of paint is one of the most economical ways to give an old piece an entirely different look. A sideboard that looks a bit tired can be completely updated with some paint and new handles. An old wood stained coffee table can be painted a light grey and the legs replaced with stylish hairpin legs for a fresh on-trend look. To add more energy to a room choose a bold paint colour, and if you don’t feel that brave add the colour to the inside of a bureau or cupboard for an unexpected twist.

Add wallpaper to the back of your shelves

Wallpapering a bookcase instantly changes the look of a room for minimal cost and effort. With just one roll of wallpaper, you can add a pop of colour or pattern easily. If you are someone who gets bored easily, this is a great non committal introduction to wallpaper. You can tack the wallpaper up with blu tac or double sided tape for an instant transformation – and re-transformation next season!!

Beautiful plants

Plants are so on trend right now. They bring a happy energy to any interior and they add a gorgeous hit of colour. From a big Swiss Cheese plant that can help fill a space to a beautiful trailing String of Pearls on a shelf, plants look good everywhere! Once you add a couple, you might just get the bug and find a space for them in every room. If keeping them alive is a challenge, don’t worry – this tip is still for you. There are now loads of great artificial plants available and they look really realistic.

Put up a shelf

Whether you want somewhere to display your beautiful accessories, collections from your travels or a new home for your plants,  you can’t go wrong with a simple shelf. As well as being practical, it also offers the opportunity to add inexpensive character to your home. Try a reclaimed scaffolding plank shelf for bags of personality and style. 

Display your artwork and photo gallery

If you have a bare wall or a cheerless corner, try creating a gallery wall with your family photos and artwork. Add interest by using a variety of frame shapes and sizes. You don’t need to buy expensive art. You can use anything you already have; old family photos and children’s drawings look great grouped together. Experiment by rearranging framed photos and combine them in new, exciting ways to make one high-impact gallery wall — the more eclectic and personal the better.

Freshen your style with affordable accessories

Sometimes all you need to refresh your room is a few new accessories. Adding a new cushion or two, maybe a new lamp and mirror can bring a whole new look. Using tonal colours creates a harmonious luxury feel with gold or silver metallics, or add a pop of colour to bring life and a sense of fun to your room. Try adding pink or terracotta to a grey scheme for an instant on trend update.

Don’t forget the floor

There are some beautiful well priced rugs around right now. And they are the perfect solution if your flooring could do with an upgrade. The right rug can easily tie together an entire space, giving you the luxury room you’ve always wanted. To make your room feel larger go for the biggest rug you can afford. Ideally the rug should fill the space in the middle of the room and go under the legs of furniture.

Accentuate a focal point

If you’re a lover of a neutral palette, you can add some instant personality to the room with an accent wall. Wallpaper or paint are the perfect solution for a cost effective injection of colour or pattern. Don’t think that the focal point needs to be the chimney breast, often wallpaper looks great used in the alcoves on either side. Or a different wall entirely. And you don’t have to use a lot – find a small wall, or even a small room, like the downstairs loo, and unleash your inner creativity. A splash of colour and pattern you love will make you smile every time you come into the room. 

Ask an expert

The very best way to give your home an impressive update is to enlist the help of someone who knows interior design inside out! At The Living House we make interior design accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget or style. We can shop the best of the high street and independents for bargains and avoid you making costly mistakes.

If you don’t know where to start, or need some inspiration, let us help you! We believe everyone deserves a beautiful home that represents their personal style. We will listen to you, select the perfect items and show you how beautiful your home will look. Our designers have years of experience and enthusiasm to bring your project to life! Our prices are surprisingly affordable, starting at just £25.

To get started on your next project take a look at our website and contact us today. For more wallpaper inspiration shop all wallpapers here, or follow us on I Love Wallpaper Instagram where you will find plenty of inspiration for every room of your abode. 

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