Wallpaper Trends for 2021: Add an Eclectic Edge to Your Interiors With Geo Luxe

With every new year comes new wallpaper trends, so if it’s inspiration and interior decor direction you’re after for 2021, you’ve come to the right place.

With an eye for what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve penned our predictions for this year’s biggest wallpaper trends – and there are five key styles set to be significant.

We’re going to take a look at each one of these over the next few weeks, leaving you brimming with ideas on how to transform your interiors with the newest wallpaper trends.

Enter, Geo Luxe

Geometric wallpaper was, without question, a big hit in 2020 – and it’s here to say in 2021.

With clean lines and repeating patterns, geometric wallpaper can create a satisfying sense of balance. And combined with glints of metallic shimmer, it’s super suave and sophisticated.

The versatility of the simple shapes means that you can style geometric wallpaper to suit a wide range of interior tastes, making it such a timeless trend.

Those thin geometric outlines even make it a popular choice for smaller spaces like bathrooms and home offices, adding immediate interest without being too overwhelming, 

As we head into 2021, we see this popular wallpaper trend evolving into a more Geo Luxe look, combining deeper and more luxurious colours with delicate shapes and curves.

Our Zara Shimmer Metallic Geometric Wallpaper in emerald and gold highlights the regal colours we expect to take centre stage this year.

And our Betty Metallic Wallpaper in navy and gold is rich and reminiscent of the 1920’s art deco style that we see re-emerging.

Get ready to embrace deeper, darker hues and jewel tones

Gone are the days where we feared those dark interior colour choices.

This year, geometric wallpaper colours will become much bolder and deeper, with jewel tones of emerald green, amethyst and deep blue adding an extra luxurious metallic look to the geometric trend.

These darker hues will add a depth and warmth to your room, with the geometric pattern bringing an edge of the eclectic to your interiors.

Our Chevron Geometric Wallpaper in navy and gold is rich and original, with it’s flowing chevron shapes adding an element of structure and control to your decor.

Pairing this with herringbone flooring, natural wood or industrial furniture and a scattering of seagrass accessories will create a bold and expressive look.

Say hello to softer shapes

This year we also see the popularity of the modern and contemporary geometric wallpaper patterns joined by those with a more 1920’s art deco feel.

Our designer, Elaine Butler, explains, “This year’s prints have evolved, drawing on the past with a nod to retro shapes and delicate line work.”

More intricate shapes and gentle curves will soon accompany the angular geometric wallpaper patterns we know and love.

Our green Bella Wallpaper is a perfect example of how we see this new Geo Luxe trend developing.

Its classic shell-like geometric design and metallic trim create a beautiful art deco style statement. And the emerald green colour demonstrates the deep jewel tones that we see rising in popularity.

Here, our Cleo Geometric Wallpaper follows suit perfectly, again with a shell-like geometric design accentuated beautifully by the vintage black and gold colourway.

Gold and brass accessories, rich velvets, scalloped edges, classic pieces and natural wood finishes complement these art deco style wallpapers perfectly.

This Geo Luxe wallpaper trend is one to watch, with geometric designs switching gears from modern and contemporary to retro and luxurious.

To introduce some art deco style and add an enviably eclectic edge to your interiors in 2021, shop our full range of wallpapers here.

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