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Wallpaper Trends: Inject Some Luxury Into Industrial Interiors With Enchanting Elements

It is one of the biggest wallpaper trends of the past decade, and this tasteful twist on industrial wallpaper designs always proves a big hit in our customer’s homes. 

The popular trend combines the beauty of natural materials like Concrete and Contemporary Wood Panel with the luxury of metallic shades.

It’s all about appreciating the versatility of classic building materials and elevating their beauty with splashes of metallic and textured finishes.

The result? A stunning collection of enchanting elements.

Our designer, Elaine Butler, explains, “Texture, metallic finishes and subtle sheen all take centre stage in this trend, adding a luxurious edge to industrial-inspired wallpapers.”

The natural allure of raw materials blended with Copper, and Rose Gold metallics will add warmth and elegance.

It’s a more refined take on Industrial wallpapers and a trend that will inspire various styles. You can go bold with deep, moody shades or keep things light with pale metallics.

Our Liquid Marble wallpaper in Blue and Gold captures the darker shades emerging with this Enchanting Elements trend, while our Venice Industrial Metallic wallpaper in Ivory and Gold shows the elegance of a lighter touch and a textured finish.

Whether you choose to embrace the bold colours or make the most of a minimalist palette, one thing is certain, this is the year to make exciting design choices, and Industrial wallpapers infused with a mixture of metallics certainly qualifies.

Fall for deep shades of navy, green and grey industrial wallpapers

Geneva Metallic wallpaper in Blue & Gold

Darker, deeper shades bring more than a hint of urban glamour and are a great way to create a stylish, bold look. Industrial style wallpapers which were once cool and steely are great in richer tones.

Our Geneva Metallic wallpaper is perfect for creating an exposed, industrial look with its blue and gold colourway adding just the right amount of warmth.

This Industrial Metallic wallpaper strikes a beautiful balance between contemporary and classy with its distinctive metallic sheen. It’s a balance that’s at the heart of the Enchanting Elements trend.

Patina Concrete wallpaper in Teal & Ochre

As well as deeper hues, texture is another element that will add more depth and definition to this Industrial-inspired wallpaper trend.

Here, our Patina Concrete Effect wallpaper combines the rich, earthy tones of teal and ochre with a textured finish. It’s a combination that brings this Concrete Effect wallpaper to life, giving it a naturally weathered look.

Pairing this with wooden furniture and neutral linens achieves a beautiful mix of raw materials which blend seamlessly with this luxurious Industrial Metallic wallpaper.

Lighten the mood with pink, ivory and gold industrial metallic wallpapers

Milan Metallic wallpaper in Blush Pink & Gold

Enchanting Elements is a wallpaper trend that has something for everyone. So, if a muted and minimalist approach is more your style, you can still achieve this warmer industrial look with paler colours and mixed metallics.

Inspired by the natural beauty of crystals and minerals, we also expect to see more Industrial wallpapers in pink, ivory, and gold tones as the year goes on.

Our Milan Metallic wallpaper combines a neutral blush pink base tone with gold detailing to create a feminine yet industrial look. The metallic touch adds that luxurious edge which sets this trend apart from the more minimalist Industrial wallpaper designs.

Our Concrete Plaster Effect wallpaper is refreshingly neutral in colour with an aged aesthetic and textured touch. While the effect is industrial and contemporary, the metallic detailing draws the eye and gives this space an effortlessly elegant finish.

Concrete Plaster wallpaper in White & Gold

A preference for practicality is common in industrial-inspired interiors. So, to recreate the look, pair these wallpapers with simple furniture, mixed metal accessories and warm, soft furnishings. 

This Enchanting Elements wallpaper trend is already gathering pace. Industrial wallpapers are set for a luxury facelift as the year continues. Watch this space!

To get ahead of the trend, shop our entire wallpaper collection here. For even more ways to create a new room look you will adore, follow us on Instagram.

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