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Decorating Ideas for Boys Bedrooms

We have picked out what we think are the best wallpaper designs for a boys bedroom. Providing inspiration and ideas on how to create the ideal boy cave.

I Love Wallpaper Zara Wallpaper Mono

Create a modern, fresh and timeless look with Zara Wallpaper Mono. Having the flexibility to switch up the room with accessories and colour is ideal for any boys bedroom.

I Love Wallpaper Battersea Brick Wallpaper White

Contemplating redecorating your little ones room because they ‘might grow out of it’… Battersea Brick Wallpaper is the ideal wallpaper to see them through their childhood to teenage years. This spectacular wallpaper offers an authentic and rustic design that will create a natural and stylish look within their bedrooms.

I Love Wallpaper Betty Metallic Wallpaper Navy Silver

Geometric wallpaper creates a modern and stylish space that is timeless. Using navy within your bedroom automatically creates a sense of warmth and homeliness. Add a contrasting colour to bring out the luxury in this wallpaper. 

I Love Wallpaper Wood Panel Wallpaper Grey

Wood panelling is the new craze and we believe it’s here to stay. Create a contemporary and sophisticated space. With a magnificent base colour, it adds depth and character to your room.

I Love Wallpaper Banana Leaf Wallpaper Mono

Keep it simple and classic. Monochromatic designs have such a calming effect ideal for a bedroom. Include industrial style accessories to your boys bedroom for a masculine and modern feel. 

I Love Wallpaper Battersea Brick Wallpaper Grey

Create a relaxing atmosphere for your Son’s room. Battersea Brick adds the right amount of character but leaves enough room for your young ones to explore their own unique style. 

I Love Wallpaper Wingate Geometric Wallpaper Mono

Create a statement feature wall with Wingate. Wingate boasts a classy geometric pattern that is both opulent and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or colours as your youths taste will change over the years.  

I Love Wallpaper Nordic Geometric Wallpaper Mono

Does your boy have a bold character and wants a wallpaper to match? This prominent pattern of squares and triangles provides a 3D effect, making your walls unmissable. Style with monochrome furniture for that slick look we all crave. 

House Of Alice Cubic Metallic Shimmer Wallpaper Navy, Gold

Design a classic and contemporary bedroom with Cubic Shimmer Wallpaper in Navy and Gold. A navy interior is elegant, everlasting and inviting. Style with neutral colours for a relaxing feel.

I Love Wallpaper Milan Metallic Wallpaper Charcoal, Gold

Explore new colour and texture with Milan Metallic Wallpaper. Add a dark backdrop to your bedroom to create a calming atmosphere. Style with a pop of colour.

To get started on your next project take a look at our website to shop our full range of wallpapers.  For more inspiration on all wallpapers take a look at our Instagram here.

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