Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your little girls bedroom? We have chosen the best wallpaper designs for a girls bedroom. Providing ideas and inspiration on how to create a stylish and timeless bedroom no matter the age.

I Love Wallpaper Leopard Metallic Animal Wallpaper Black and Gold

The playful Leopard Metallic Print Wallpaper in black and gold adds plenty of personality to your walls.  The injection of gold spots creates a fresh look that is striking, providing a modish style for your little one’s bedroom.

I Love Wallpaper Flamingo Wallpaper Blush, Pink

Create a statement wall by adding a vibrant Flamingo print wallpaper in pink. This colourful and playful print adds a splash of freshness to your bedroom. This timeless design pairs perfectly with soft and neutral tones for a scandi feel.

I Love Wallpaper, Liquid Marble Wallpaper, Pink, Gold

How to style a teenage girls bedroom? Delve into a vision of pink and gold swirls with the Liquid Marble Wallpaper. Add a variety of pillows that are a mixture of colours and textures to create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere. 

I Love Wallpaper, Twinkle Children’s Stars Wallpaper, Grey, White

This stunning, modern wallpaper is ideal if you’re wanting to create a warm and stylish bedroom for your youth. Style the Twinkle Star Wallpaper in grey and white with neutral interiors and add a pop of colour to design a lavish bedroom. 

I Love Wallpaper, Polka Dots Wallpaper Pink, Gold

From a nursery to a young adults room, Polka Dot wallpaper offers you diversity. The prominent metallic polka dots add warmth and glamour to your room. Accessorise with neutral colours to allow the golden metallic to shimmer.

Lucie Annabel, Palma Tropical Wallpaper, Blush

Pretty in pink. Add a touch of tropical to your children’s bedroom with a statement print. Create a soothing atmosphere with the Palma Tropical Wallpaper in Blush Pink. Accessories with a neutral colour scheme and add a burst of colour to create a stylish and chic room.

I Love Wallpaper, Banana Leaf Wallpaper Mono

The Banana Leaf mono Wallpaper provides flexibility when it comes to accessories, keep it simple or go bold either will create a statement. A monochrome colour scheme is ideal for those who want to create a clean and sleek finish. 

I Love Wallpaper, Battersea Brick Wall Effect Wallpaper Pastel

The Battersea Brick Wallpaper adds character and depth to your bedroom. Pastel’s can be styled with any colour giving your youth the option to accessories and explore colour as their style changes. 

Lucie Annabel, Palma Tropical Wallpaper, Green

Brighten up your children’s walls by adding a bold and vibrant print. The Palma Tropical Wallpaper in Green is a timeless print that adds tropical vibes with a touch of uplifting freshness. Pair with neutral furnishings to achieve the perfect style for any girls bedroom.

I Love Wallpaper, Dalmatian Wallpaper Mono

The Dalmatian Mono wallpaper will certainly make a statement no matter how you want to style it. This playful and timeless print is ideal for those fast growing youths. Add contrasting accessories and colours to strengthen the print.

I Love Wallpaper, Milan Metallic Wallpaper Blush Pink, Gold

Elevate your children’s bedroom by dressing your walls in the Milan Metallic Wallpaper in Blush Pink and Gold. Create a chic and stylish room that will be everlasting. This contemporary design is coated in metallic and shimmers beautifully when direct light hits it.

I Love Wallpaper, Zara Shimmer Metallic Wallpaper Soft Pink, Rose Gold

Transform your girls bedroom into a warm tranquil space where she feels relaxed. The Zara Shimmer Metallic Wallpaper in pink and gold provides elegance, femininity and a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Perfect for your loved one who is quickly growing and changing styles!

I Love Wallpaper, Hexa Geometric Wallpaper Charcoal, Rose Gold

The Hexa Geometric Wallpaper pattern adds a subtle amount of glimmer through its metallic trim. Create a welcoming, cosy and calming atmosphere perfect for a bedroom. Style with neutral furniture to emphasize this creative pattern. 

I Love Wallpaper, Tropicana Floral Leaf Wallpaper, Pink

Brighten up your children’s room with Tropicana Floral Leaf. This design adds tropical vibes to your room creating a chic and sophisticated feel. Accessorise with a neutral colour theme  to intensify the print.

I Love Wallpaper, Arna Geo Wallpaper, Silver

Grey is the colour that everyone obsesses about for their bedroom and we can see why. The Arna Geometric wallpaper in Silver features a gradient finish and is finished with metallic strips that produces a variety of geometric shapes. Adding sophistication to your room that enhances luxury.

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