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Is Gold the new Grey in Interior Design?

There’s no denying that grey has been the favourite neutral in interior design for the past five to ten years. It’s cool, classy, and the perfect canvas for both subtle styles and bold accents.

But we’ve got our eye on a new neutral that’s giving grey a run for its money.

Will gold take the reins as the new favourite neutral?

When it comes to interior design, neutral means without colour. Think white, brown, black, beige, ivory, taupe and, of course, grey. Technically, gold hasn’t yet made the cut as an official neutral, but that could be about to change.

Gold is just as blendable and versatile as grey when styled in the right way. And as neutral colour schemes take a warmer route this year, gold provides a beautiful base that you can pair with many different colour combinations.

We see gold wallpaper increasingly being used to add warmth and balance to neutral interiors – a shimmering shade that adds a touch of colour confidence.

This stunning living room completely captures the concept of gold as a neutral.

Our Camden Trellis Wallpaper is styled with warm tones of beige, taupe and cream to create an earthy and inviting look. The subtle shimmer from the wallpaper’s trellis design adds a light and luxurious finish. And the wrought iron coffee table and black picture frames accentuate this neutral colour scheme perfectly. 

A lesson in understated elegance, this living room again uses gold wallpaper as a beautiful backdrop. 

Our London Greek Key Wallpaper creates a feature wall that draws the eye without overwhelming the room. Styled with a neutral fabric sofa, a mix of metals and metallic accessories and a soft pink rug, it’s modern yet warm and welcoming.

The trick is in getting the right balance. You don’t want everything you touch to turn to gold – not when it comes to interior design, at least!

Creating a feature wall using gold wallpaper paired with neutral furnishings and just one or two gold accent pieces is enough to liven things up.

Here, our Camden Wave Wallpaper’s gold metallic design is accentuated by the cream and gold dining chairs and the gilded gold tray used as a subtle centrepiece. It’s a careful and classy use of gold as a neutral colour.

So, will it be out with the grey and in with the gold as the new favourite neutral?

Only time will tell.

But there’s one thing we know for sure. The versatility of gold wallpaper allows you to mix and match as easily as grey wallpaper. So, if you’re after a look that feels a little bit warmer, using gold as a neutral will give your space a glamorous glow.

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