Wallpaper Trends for 2021: Create a Restful Retreat With Plain and Neutral Wallpapers

Home is truly a sanctuary, a place to make as cosy, calm and tranquil as possible. It’s this energy that inspires one of our favourite wallpaper trends – one that plays on comfort and simplicity, and where less is definitely more.

We’re seeing plain wallpapers, simple patterns and neutral colour schemes being used to transform interiors into a Restful Retreat.

This new trend creates a classic look that you can style in different ways: with all-neutral decor or as the backdrop to subtle, pastel accent pieces. 

Our designer, Elaine Butler, says, “Incorporating soft, earthy tones and delicate prints help us connect with nature and take pleasure in the simple things in life.” It’s a sentiment that will continue to have a major influence on wallpaper trends and interior design in 2021.

Our Wallis Bark Wallpaper and Chinoiserie Glitter Tree Wallpaper both embody this Restful Retreat trend perfectly.

The neutral cream colour, textured bark finish and subtle glitter detail of our Wallis Bark Wallpaper make it a plain but powerful choice. Paired with matching light linens and a woven area rug, it creates a welcoming and harmonious feel.

With a true understated elegance, our Chinoiserie Glitter Tree Wallpaper shows how delicate, nature-inspired patterns can add some visual interest to neutral interiors. This combination of light patterned wallpaper and layered soft furnishings creates an idyllic space to rest and recharge.

Whether your interior tastes are modern or traditional, plain or patterned, you can shape this Restful Retreat wallpaper trend to suit your style.

Look out for exposed brick and wood panel wallpapers

We expect to see lightly coloured brick effect wallpapers and wood panel wallpapers rising in popularity this year. These styles can both add some texture and a bohemian base to neutral interiors.

Our Battersea Brick Effect Wallpaper shows the understated simplicity that this new Restful Retreat trend is channelling. 

Modern, almost whitewashed brick effect wallpapers work well to brighten a room, and they contrast beautifully with soft pastel furnishings as accent pieces.

Here, the addition of sage green brushed velvet chairs and a potted house plant tie in those warm earthy tones that connect us with nature.

Wood panel wallpapers in muted, neutral shades will continue to be an interior design favourite in 2021, adding a comforting depth and warmth to modern spaces.

Our Contemporary Wood Panel Wallpaper achieves a realistic wood-panelled look. And in soft grey, it’s a fitting colour that captures the calming effect of this Restful Retreat wallpaper trend.

Coupled with wood flooring, layers of neutral soft furnishings and a seagrass planter, you can create a space that is teeming with tranquillity.

Pick between plain and patterned papers

The beauty of this Restful Retreat wallpaper trend is that you can achieve a similar look whether you choose plain or patterned wallpaper.

Plain wallpaper in colours such as cream, beige and taupe are set to be a big hit in 2021, as they provide a neutral canvas to create your own sanctuary.

Our cream Imogen Plain Wallpaper is the perfect example of the simplicity we expect to see. 

This wallpaper has a gorgeous textured finish which is brought to life by tiny speckles of gold. When paired with exposed floorboards, fresh white bedding and matching wicker and rattan accessories, you can see why this is the perfect backdrop to the ultimate Restful Retreat.

If you have a preference for pattern, we also expect neutral wallpapers with light and delicate prints to start gracing our walls.

With its intricate shell-like pattern, our Aspen Geometric Metallic Wallpaper provides an idea of the subtle designs that are in keeping with this Restful Retreat trend. It adds just enough interest without being overpowering, and it gives a nice nod to nature.

To let the pattern shine through, complement these lightly patterned wallpapers with neutral fabrics, woven materials and dried grasses.

As we continue to seek a sense of calm and tranquillity, plain wallpapers and neutral colours will become a natural choice for many of us in 2021.

To embrace this wallpaper trend and turn your home into a Restful Retreat, have a browse of our full range of wallpapers. And remember, sometimes less is more!

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