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Work Some Wow Factor Into Your Interiors With Wall Murals

Wall murals are a bold interior design trend guaranteed to transform any room, and always make a design statement.

There’s no better way to express your own personality and style than with your interior choices, and we’re definitely noticing a move towards more daring decor.

So whether you’re looking to bring the outdoors in or see the world from your sofa, we have something for everyone with our brand new range of mural wall art.

From fancy florals to iconic cityscapes, we have over 50 wall mural designs for you to choose from – and with paste the wall application, they’re super easy to hang.

But first things first, what’s the difference between wall murals and the trusty wallpaper we all know and love?

Wall murals vs Wallpaper

Wall murals are wallpaper’s more courageous cousin.

With wallpaper, you can often cover all four walls of a room, as its smaller scale, repeating patterns are perfect for bringing a space together.

But with wall murals, they’re designed to dominate one wall. A full-scale work of art that gives your room a focal point and creates a fabulous feature wall.

So if you’re looking to work some wow factor into your interiors, mural wall art is the easiest way to transform a room.

Plants and Trees

Liven up your living room and add a touch of greenery with a leafy wall mural from our plants and trees collection.


Transform a space from bedroom to boudoir and fall in love with the moody blooms and pretty pastels from our collection of floral murals.

Cities and Maps

Kick back with the view of a breathtaking cityscape or add some global influence to your interiors with mural wall art from our cities and maps collection.


Add a little touch of fun and make imaginations run wild with a child-friendly wall mural from our bright collection.

Faux Surfaces

Introduce architectural interest with a modern marble, cool concrete or wood-detail wall mural from our faux surfaces collection.

To work some wow factor into your interiors in 2021, embrace the bold and beautiful with our new range of wall murals.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to brighten up your home interior, be sure to follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration, and tag us in your own, I Love Wallpaper looks!  For more options to create a fresh and stylish home, view our full wallpaper collection here.

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