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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom? We have picked the best wallpaper designs to help inspire you to create a contemporary and stylish master bedroom.

Lucie Annabel Palma Tropical Wallpaper Green

Add tropical vibes to your bedroom with our Lucie Annabel Palma Tropical Wallpaper in navy. Create a luxurious and sophisticated room that oozes style and provides a calming and tranquil atmosphere, ideal for relaxing. 

I Love Wallpaper Liquid Marble Silver

Achieve a contemporary yet luxurious bedroom by dressing your walls in our Liquid Marble Wallpaper in silver. The metallic silver swirls add ounces of elegance to your room through its scintillating pattern. Pair with neutral furnishings to elevate your bedroom further and create a deluxe feel we all desire.

I Love Wallpaper Wood Panel Wallpaper Grey

Obsessed with the wood panel trend but don’t have the time? Our wood panel wallpaper in grey is a must! Cost effective and hassle free the perfect alternative for paneling your walls. This wood panel wallpaper adds ravishing character and depth to your room making it a space you can feel calm and relaxed in. 

Henderson Interiors Camden Wave Wallpaper Soft Grey, Silver

Design a space that is modern and glamorous. The Camden Wave Wallpaper in soft grey and silver sets the scene to a contemporary and classic bedroom. This luxurious and modish wallpaper adds a fresh and lavish feel to your room. Style with a neutral colour scheme and lavish textures to enhance the Camden Wave Wallpaper

I Love Wallpaper Milan Metallic Grey, Silver

The Milan Metallic Wallpaper oozes luxury through it’s metallic finish that glistens all day long, adding character and creating a soothing atmosphere. When styling a lavish and modern bedroom consider keeping your furnishings simple and add textured or patterned accessories to enhance the wallpaper. 

Henderson Interiors London Stripe Wallpaper White

Elevate your bedroom with the London Stripe wallpaper in white. It provides effortless glamour and sophistication to your room through its textured finish. This lavish design includes sparkle and shimmer helping you achieve a luxurious style in your bedroom. 

House Of Alice Cubic Shimmer Navy, Gold

Navy decor is a timeless and classic bedroom decoration that provides style and opulence to your bedroom. The Cubic Shimmer Wallpaper provides a warm and idyllic atmosphere ideal for relaxing and switching off. Achieve a modern bedroom look with the perfect colour combination of navy, neutral and grey. 

I Love Wallpaper Dalmatian Wallpaper Mono

Transform your bedroom by adding a timeless print that provides character and depth. The Dalmatian Wallpaper in monochrome gives a contemporary and modern look to your space. Pair with black and white furnishings to achieve a clean and sleek style, or contrast with a pop of colour to really bring the room to life!

I Love Wallpaper Bella Wallpaper Green

Transform your bedroom into a contemporary and stylish space with plenty of character. The Bella Metallic Wallpaper in emerald green creates a elegant ambience with it’s art-deco design – a space ideal for unwinding. Style with gold accessories to complement this wallpapers metallic finish. 

House Of Alice Onyx Marble Metallic Wallpaper Navy, Gold

Adding navy to your bedroom creates a feeling of warmth within a modern scheme. Deep blue and gold are the perfect combination to achieve a luxurious feel. Create a soothing and tranquil ambience with the Onyx Marble Metallic Wallpaper in navy and gold.

To kick start your next renovation, head on over to our website to shop our full range of wallpapers. For more ideas and inspiration on wallpapers take a look at our Instagram here.

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