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Wallpaper Trends: Energise Your Interiors With Nordic Graphics

As the saying goes, there really is beauty in simplicity. So, it comes as no surprise that Scandinavian-inspired interior design will continue to have a big influence on our home decor choices in 2021.

We’ve long been in love with this interior design trend, and this year we see a natural crossover between Scandi-style interiors and geometric wallpaper patterns.

This Nordic Graphics wallpaper trend is all about creating structured and functional living spaces. It’s a style that allows you to balance aesthetics and practicality to a tee.

Our designer, Elaine Butler, explains, “The popularity of Scandi interiors continues with a focus on simple patterns and soft, muted colour palettes that can translate easily into any interior space.”

Our Wingate Geometric Wallpaper shows the clean lines and repeating patterns that underpin this Nordic Graphics trend. And our Zara Mono Geometric Wallpaper gives you a feel for just how light, bright and minimalistic you can be.

Whether you stick to neutral accessories or add some colourful pastel accents, this Scandi wallpaper trend is understated but oh-so chic.

Scandi-inspired geometric wallpapers are in

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the recurring shapes we see in geometric wallpaper designs. They add a feeling of order and control that perfectly fits the clutter-free, minimalist approach of Scandinavian home decor.

This year, we’ll see geometric wallpapers used to liven up the once plain and pared-back walls synonymous with the Scandi aesthetic. Colour schemes will still be cool and muted, but patterns and prints will work their way in as this Nordic Graphics trend picks up pace.

Our soft grey Fabric Geometric Wallpaper is in keeping with the muted colour palette associated with Scandi interior design. It still feels light, bright and minimalist, but adds some visual interest when used as a feature wallpaper.

Its precise arrangement of mosaic-like shapes creates a 3D effect that adds a real sense of depth to your room.

Pair with exposed, white-washed floorboards and a mix of grey furnishings and natural textures to capture the ambience of Scandinavian living.

Stick to minimal accessories and let the wallpaper do the talking to create a natural sense of space. Style with light wooden flooring, a modern matching sofa and a chunky knit throw to make things cosy and comfortable, 

Wall murals are set to get noticeably Nordic

Nothing says Scandi quite like a collection of abstract wall art. But this year, things are set to get bigger and better.

Wall murals can completely transform your room, swapping the repeating patterns of wallpaper for a full-scale work of art. And the choice of mural designs is definitely becoming more noticeably Nordic.

Oversized geometric wall murals and linear patterns will become a sought-after feature in Scandi-inspired interiors this year.

Our Linear Mod Mural creates a striking black and white backdrop that’s perfect for every room. This simple design allows you to style this wall mural with ease, and it produces a natural sense of light and space. 

For a stylish Scandi look, stick to complementary pastel shades, functional furniture and white or light woods. And for a pop of colour, brighten with houseplants and greenery.

Large scale geometric wall murals can work wonders, making ceilings appear higher, and rooms feel bigger.

They’re rising in popularity, and they’re the perfect fit for more minimalist interiors.

Our Oversized Geometric Mural, with its tall lines and angular pattern, creates a real sense of space in smaller rooms. It emulates the light, airy and spacious Scandinavian style.

Using only subtle shades of grey, it’s a neutral and multi-functional wall mural.

To add texture and warmth, style with minimalist accessories, natural woods and layers of soft furnishings.

Geometric patterns and large-scale linear prints have energised Scandi-inspired interiors. So, if modern and minimalist is your thing, can we tempt you with a twist? 

To branch out and embrace this new Nordic Graphics wallpaper trend, shop our range of Scandi wallpapers and geometric wall murals.

If you’ve been inspired to rework and update your home decor, take a look at our huge range of wallpapers here  – and follow us on Instagram for even more tips, advice and inspiration!

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