How to add the finishing touches to your newly decorated room

While you might have already put a lot of time and effort into designing the perfect room, it’s very important to sit back and look at the grand scheme to consider if anything is missing. 

The majority of the time the finishing touches are what complete the look and feel of your home, creating a uniqueness that everyone desires. 

Whether it’s your favourite candle, books stacked on your coffee table, or even a statement lamp or cushion – it’s all these elements that really bring your space together and help to express personality through your decor.

I Love Wallpaper Milan Metallic wallpaper in grey and silver.

Start small

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your room, start small. Small accessories are a great way to build personality and style into your scheme, while complementing the look.

If your interior is on the more luxe side, with silver or gold tones, then opt for neutral ginger and pierced jar – these will not only add character, but also add depth through layering different heights on your coffee table, shelf or unit. 

I Love Wallpaper Milan Metallic wallpaper in grey and silver.

Dress up your coffee table

When purchasing a coffee table we all desire to have an immaculately clean and styled order, stunning stacks of monochrome fashion books and towering floral arrangements – but let’s face it, it soon resembles a table full of old newspapers, magazines, remotes and kids toys!

So how do you strike a balance between stylish and maintainable? Incorporate tall statement candle holders such as the Riley 3 light candle holder, then add height with the large grey Pierced Jar and even a stem or two of pampas grass or your favourite flowers to make your coffee table the centerpiece of your room.

I Love Wallpaper Milan Metallic wallpaper in grey and silver.

Smart storage

Finding smart storage solutions can be tricky, and not always something you take into consideration when designing your space. 

Stacked boxes, baskets, or large jars are fashionable storage choices that you won’t want to hide. Seagrass baskets, faux leather, and wooden boxes fit perfectly no matter the size or theme of your room, and are a much loved addition to any space.

Create a WOW statement

Another way to really finish off your look is to add a statement. Think plush fabrics, bold design and luxurious colours. Develop your palette by using furniture as a way to introduce an accent hue. It might be a vibrant emerald green sofa or a pink velvet chair, this will instantly draw your eye into your space, creating a more self-expressed and refined feel throughout.

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Even if you’ve lived in a house for years, it can still feel like your home decor is never truly finished. There may be blank walls you’ve never managed to fill, or a table you just haven’t found the right accessory for. It’s all about adding to your space as time goes on, and adapting to your tastes and preferences when it comes to interior design.

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