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How to style dark interiors

#styleitdark is a trending hashtag at the moment among our home-influencers, and we are here for it! 

We adore dark, dramatic and eclectic interior design, but are you daring enough to take the leap when it comes to your interior? We are here to help you ‘style it dark’ in style.

Metallic elements 

Add a glamorous edge to your bold interior with metallic. Metallic embossed wallpaper designs are a great way to incorporate another element of depth to your space while also adding character. 

Shiny metallic designs reflect from the light to create the illusion of more space; ideal for those decorating a smaller room. Whether it’s an industrial rustic design, or a shiny, luscious leaf wallpaper, metallic wallpaper designs are here to add a luxe feel to your home.

I Love Wallpaper Sapphire Palm Leaf wallpaper in black & bronze.


When working with dark interiors, it’s important to take into consideration the size and lighting of the chosen room. If your room is open-plan, or has large bay windows, dark walls and furniture can help create a more homely atmosphere within.

If your room is on the smaller side, without natural light, this is where lighting design becomes a vital part in creating your look. Incorporate spotlights, wall lights and standing lamps to really accentuate parts of the room you want to show off most, while also allowing a more spacious feel throughout.

Wood accents

Add warmth to dark interior design with earthy tones, and organic textures. Wooden furniture and flooring can be a great starting point when trying to create a warmer, and cosier atmosphere throughout dark interior.

Wooden furniture and flooring is undoubtedly enduring and elegant, and a great complement against dark wallpaper

I Love Wallpaper Cleo Geometric wallpaper in black.

Colour pops 

Dark interiors doesn’t mean every bit of furniture or accessory needs to be black or charcoal. Contrast your dark accent wall with a bold paint shade, or add in pops of your favourite colour to bring brightness and vibrancy to your room.

Think luxuriant blue, green, yellow and orange to bring a higher-end feel to your look. Dark shades make a dramatic impact, but you can create a bolder statement by incorporating some colour, whether that be through smaller soft accessories or big pieces of furniture.

Using the colour black or charcoal adds a focal point that grounds, and adds a sophisticated look to the chosen room.

No matter if it’s a bedroom, living room or kitchen, black accessories, light fixtures, wallpaper, paint, and bold pieces of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen your home.

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