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How to create a welcoming dining space this autumn

Dining rooms are definitely one of the most loved spaces in our homes. From hosting weekend brunches to intimate family dinner parties, our dining areas are usually always a busy and well utilised space.

So how do we keep our dining space functional and stylish for autumn I hear you ask? We’ve got you covered!

Classic Wood Panel wallpaper in grey.

Choose the perfect backdrop

First start with the basics, great walls set the tone of the room and complete the look and feel of your home. Use a rich or dark wall colour to warm a large space, or alternatively opt for neutral tones if your space is on the smaller side. 

Wallpaper is the perfect addition to your dining room, from Wood Panel wallpaper to distressed brick and metallic designs, there really is a print for every size and style of home. 

3D wallpaper prints especially can add depth, for an even cosier feel throughout. 

Choose practical furniture choices

Furniture is usually at the center of your dining room and is a great feature in your home. Choosing the perfect dining table that is both functional and stylish, while still allowing enough space to host small or larger dinner parties for your seasonal events, can be one of the hardest decisions when designing your space.

It’s important to think about the use of your dining area in the festive seasons. Build some handy bench seating for extra diners like the Parquet Brushed Solid Oak dining table, or opt for a round table for those who only have a smaller group to host.

Classic Wood Panel wallpaper in grey.

Upgrade your dinner table

Make your home feel more welcoming by setting the tone of your room. This is easily done through smaller details, like tableware, decor, and crockery.

A great way to start is by collecting small seasonal pieces to create a centerpiece on your dining table, and believe it or not, centerpieces don’t have to be overly complicated to make an impact. 

Candles are a great place to start, as you can easily add smaller and larger sizes or both. They also help build a relaxing ambiance throughout. Garlands are also a great way to add character, making a statement so that you can impress your guests with the ultimate, Instagram-able table set up!


Autumn means twinkly fairy lights, light-up pumpkins, and warm scented candles. Setting the scene and creating a soothing atmosphere is one of the best ways to create a welcoming space in your home, and this is easily achieved with the perfect lighting accessories.

Overhead lighting above your dining table is also a great choice, it means you can have the option for a well-lit dinner party, and as the night goes on, you can light the candles for a more laid-back and relaxed feel throughout.

Classic Wood Panel wallpaper in grey.

Don’t forget to tag us in your amazing pumpkin-inspired centerpieces this autumn by tagging us on Instagram You can shop all of our wallpaper designs on our website here.

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