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How To Wallpaper Around Corners & Obstacles

We’ve previously covered the basics when it comes to how to hang wallpaper successfully, including everything you need to get started and a step-by-step guide on how to hang wallpaper to change the look of a room. So, today at I Love Wallpaper we’re offering advice on how to tackle those tricky wallpaper application situations to help you achieve the perfect wallpapered wall. 

Sometimes wallpapering is not as straight-forward as we’d like it to be! It’s very likely that you will encounter obstacles when hanging wallpaper, so we’re addressing the best way to overcome the most common wallpaper issues in order for you to do the best job possible.

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How to install wallpaper behind fixed radiators

Wallpapering a wall with a fixed radiator may appear to be a daunting task to those who haven’t done it before, but in reality, the answer to how to install wallpaper behind fixed radiators is simple. If possible, we would recommend removing the cool radiator from the wall completely to allow you to gain access behind and underneath it. If you cannot remove the radiator, make sure that you have a pencil, scissors and a radiator roller to hand. 

In cases where you can’t remove the radiator, then measure and make a note of the position of the brackets and measure from the top of the radiator up to the ceiling, and from the bottom to the skirting board. 

Next, paste the wallpaper and hang from the top of the wall as normal but only brushing downwards until the top of the radiator, allowing the rest of the paper to rest against the front. 

Use scissors to cut a vertical slit from the bottom of the paper to the placement of the radiator brackets, then drop the paper down the back of the radiator, either side of the wall brackets. 

Take the radiator roller and smooth down the wallpaper behind it before trimming the bottom edge to meet the skirting.

How to hang wallpaper in corners

Another obstacle you might face if you’re covering a whole room is how to hang wallpaper around corners, or inside corners. The approach to this will differ for thicker wallpapers, as the overlap will need to be larger. 

How to hang wallpaper on inside corners:

  • Measure the last length of wallpaper that you will need and add an extra 1-2cm in width before cutting, and hang the wallpaper from the ceiling as you did with the other strips.
  • Press the wallpaper into the corner using a brush or spatula, and press the overlap onto the next wall to form the overlap which can be covered by the next piece.

How to hang wallpaper on outer corners: 

  • Measure your length of wallpaper, as usual, allowing an extra 1-2cm for the overlap.
  • Cut and apply the paste the wallpaper, and meet the edges of the last piece on the wall.
  • Wrap around the external corner, smoothing as you go to avoid air bubbles forming.
  • Add your next piece of wallpaper to the other side of the wall to create a smooth edge. 

How to wallpaper around windows

Finally, let’s look at how to wallpaper around windows. Hanging wallpaper around windows will require more a more careful approach and will take a bit more time to get right. 

  • Start at one side of the window and have scissors to hand in order to make cuts when necessary to allow for the windowsill. Apply the full-length wallpaper from the ceiling, allowing the correct amount of wallpaper to overlap in order to meet the window itself.
  • Use a dry wallpaper brush or your finger, gently push the overlapping paper to form a right angle, so that there is an outline of the windowsill and wall. 
  • Take the scissors and make a diagonal cut down to the corner, top and bottom of the window, where the windowsill and wall meet.
  • Next, push the paper flap around the corner into the window reveal. Trim the excess wallpaper from around the window sill area and use the dry brush again to smooth the edge down. 

If you prefer a visual guide, there are many useful online tutorials on how to wallpaper around windows, light switches and plug sockets to guide you in your DIY wallpapering endeavours. We hope that we’ve helped to advise you on how to wallpaper around corners and other obstacles you may face when decorating – now all that is left to do is transform your home!  

You’ll find a range of helpful troubleshooting articles on the I Love Wallpaper blog, so choose your favourite wallpaper, application tools and get ready to bring life to your walls! 

Advice Decorating

How to Install Patterned Wallpaper

No matter your personal interior design style, patterned wallpaper is a solid choice among many of us looking to spruce up our homes. It can provide the perfect focal point when used on a feature wall and add personality to a room. Installing pattern repeat wallpaper will take extra planning and precision than plain wallpaper, but don’t worry because I Love Wallpaper are on hand to provide top tips on how to install patterned wallpaper for a perfect finish!

Before you get going with wallpapering, check that you have everything you need to apply wallpaper effectively by checking our blog on how to hang wallpaper and visit our range of wallpaper tools to fill any gaps in your kit.

How to install patterned wallpaper

Did you know that there are several styles of wallpaper patterns, with some being more difficult to match up correctly than others? All types of patterned wallpaper will require careful attention to detail and patience, but some are more tricky than the others to get right!

The three main styles of patterned wallpaper include:

Random pattern match wallpaper – One of the easiest types of wallpaper to hang as you don’t need to worry about matching the pattern up. An example of random pattern match wallpaper is striped wallpaper.

Straight across match wallpaper – This type of wallpaper will start its pattern at the ceiling line, so the pattern will have to match the strips, resulting in slightly more planning when cutting.

Drop match wallpaper – As a more complex design, drop match wallpaper will need to be aligned accurately to show the pattern both horizontally and vertically. There is half-drop match wallpaper and multiple drop match wallpaper which may result in wastage as you try to repeat the pattern perfectly. An example of this style would be paisley wallpaper.

Our top tips on installing pattern repeat wallpaper:

  • Make sure that all wall surfaces are smooth and primed as any bumps or debris can distort patterned wallpaper
  • Allow additional paper when measuring and cutting the paper to allow for pattern matching (this may result in wasted paper, so it’s a good idea to purchase an extra roll, just in case)
  • Use a plumb-line to create a line on the wall to ensure a straight application
  • Have a complete motif or design print at the top of the panel of a bold wallpaper
  • Mark the back of the panels with an arrow in pencil so you don’t accidentally hang the patterned wallpaper upside down
  • Start installing bold pattern repeat wallpaper from the middle of the room if you’re wallpapering a complete room, i.e chimney breast
  • If you’re a beginner to installing pattern repeat wallpaper, start with simpler patterns with random match wallpaper, or hire a specialist to hang more complex patterned wallpaper

How to hang mural wallpaper

Mural wallpaper is a brilliant choice for children’s bedrooms. Whether it’s a cityscape skyline or a tropical rainforest with an array of playful animals hanging from the trees, a mural wallpaper can really bring a plain wall to life. To make this easier, it is recommended that two people install mural wallpaper and that you lay out the mural panels before applying to the wall to make sure the order is correct. You can number the panels on the back for ease and make guidelines on the wall. It’s possible to buy peel and stick mural wallpaper, or mural wallpaper that requires paste – it’ll be down to your choice of design. Always follow instructions or an online tutorial to achieve the best results for your wall mural.

So if you’re looking to switch it up in your home next season and wondering how to install mural wallpaper or you plan on installing pattern repeat wallpaper, we hope that you find our tips helpful.

Here at I Love Wallpaper we offer a whole host of stunning patterned wallpaper to choose from, so browse our geometric, damask and city wallpaper, plus many more styles, online today!

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How to Hang Wallpaper

If you’re planning to refresh your home this summer with a spot of redecoration, it can be a daunting task knowing where to begin. Whether you’re hoping to update your lounge, dining room or bedroom, wallpaper can help transform the room and give it an entirely different feel! Today at I Love Wallpaper we’re guiding you on how to hang wallpaper successfully so that you can treat your unloved walls to a brand new lease of life with your new favourite wallpaper.

Getting started

Before heading straight into it, it’s wise to prepare the space you’re planning to decorate and ensure that you have the right things you need to wallpaper your walls. Whether you’re aiming to create a feature wall on a chimney breast or hoping to wallpaper an entire room, you’ll need the same kit of wallpapering essentials to ensure a smooth application and brilliant end result.

In the list of items below, we have presumed that the wall is ready for papering with the previous wallpaper stripped and the wall primed and free from residual old paste.

What you’ll need to wallpaper a wall:

  • Paper-hanging scissors with long blades
  • Wallpaper or pasting table
  • Plumb line (and chalk/pencil)
  • Wallpaper adhesive (paste)
  • Paste brush or roller
  • Seam roller
  • Wallpaper brush
  • Combination smoother/cutter
  • Ladders (if required)
  • Wallpaper of your choice – calculate how many rolls you’ll need beforehand by measuring the wall/s, as there is nothing worse than running out of wallpaper!

How to hang wallpaper

To make sure that your wallpaper lengths are applied straight, take the plumb line and chalk/pencil and draw a vertical line down the wall. If you’re hanging patterned wallpaper, we suggest starting at the windows or at the chimney breast and working outwards around the room.

Step 1: The first step will be to measure the height of your wall and add roughly 10cm extra to allow for trimming before using wallpaper scissors with long blades to cut the first strip ready to paste. You can use this first strip to then measure the second strip, and if your wallpaper has a pattern, match the two strips side by side to ensure you’ll be able to line them up so the pattern is continuous.

Step 2: Follow the instructions and mix your chosen wallpaper adhesive in a bucket or roller tray, depending on whether you plan to use a pasting brush or a roller to apply the paste (in this case, we’ll presume you’re using a brush).

Step 3: You’ll want to lay the first strip of wallpaper face down onto the pasting table and using the wallpaper brush, apply the paste in upwards and outwards movements, covering the entire side of the paper.

Step 4: From one end of the strip, fold towards the centre of the length. This concertina style folding will help when it comes to placing onto the wall, dropping out the folds and aligning the wallpaper to meet the previously drawn chalk line on the wall for a straight fit.

Step 5: Once you’ve positioned the first strip of wallpaper, leaving edges at the top and bottom, use the smoother to meet the edges and smooth out any bubbles. Using the smooth brush bristles, tap along the edges where the paper meets the ceiling and skirting boards.

Step 6: Score a line using scissors along the edges before following the scored line to trim the excess paper and smoothing the wallpaper back into place.  

Repeat these steps until your wall or room is complete!

We hope that you’ve found our first guide on how to hang wallpaper useful. Next up, we’ll be discussing how to handle those pesky obstacles, such as how to install wallpaper behind fixed radiators and how to hang wallpaper around windows.

Browse the stylish ranges of wallpaper available online at I Love Wallpaper for on-trend interior design inspiration for your home, and for perfect application, get your kit ready to go with our collection of professional standard tools!  

Decorating Inspiration

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for small bedroom decorating ideas? Then read our guide on how to update your small bedroom with our top tips.

It can be difficult updating a small space, especially a bedroom. You want it to showcase your tastes and personality, but you don’t want to overpower it with too much decor. You also want a room that allows you to relax and get a good night’s sleep as well as space for getting ready each morning. So what’s the best way to decorate a small bedroom? Below are some helpful hints to get you started.

Choose Light Colours

If you want to creating the illusion of space in a small bedroom, then opt for bright or light colours. White will help a small room look much bigger than it actually is, so it’s best to go for white walls. But don’t automatically think white equals boring. A white textured wallpaper can add both the illusion of space as well as style to a small bedroom. A white damask wallpaper or white brick effect wallpaper is a great alternative to plain white painted walls.

Use Wallpaper Behind The Bed

If you love the idea of wallpaper in your bedroom but don’t want to overpower the room, why not add some wallpaper behind your bed and create a feature wall? This is also a great alternative to a headboard and allows you to add some bold patterns and darker colours without it taking over your space. Our Versace Greek Key Wallpaper can be seen here placed behind a bed and we’re sure you can agree it looks stunning!

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Go Geo

Love a pattern but fear it may be too much in such a small space? Opt for a geometric pattern. This effective print is the perfect combination of style and subtlety and can easily be placed in a small bedroom and allows you to play around with different colours and shades. This photo comes from one of our customers who has used our pink and rose gold geometric wallpaper to decorate their little girls bedroom, creating an adorable space for their little one.

Think Luxurious

Just because you have a small bedroom, doesn’t mean you can’t be a little bit extra with your decor. A touch of gold here and there is the perfect way to add brightness to a small room and create the illusion of more light and space. Our gold and champagne marrakesh print wallpaper screams opulence and will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom, no matter how small it may be.

Florals Are In

You may think a floral pattern is too overpowering for a small bedroom, but think again. Floral wallpaper, when chosen properly, can create a beautiful space. If you are adding flower patterned wallpaper to a small bedroom, make sure you choose this in a subtle shade such as grey or beige. This allows you to add the floral look without it over taking your bedroom.

Fake a Bookshelf

Another one of our small bedroom decorating ideas you might not have thought about is bookshelf wallpaper. Want to create the illusion of a bigger room even further? Then fake a library. Our bookshelf wallpaper will help to create the look and feel of a much bigger bedroom. Simply add this unique wallpaper to one wall of your bedroom to fake the look of an entire library in a small room.

All That Glitters

Want to make a statement in a small room? Then glitter wallpaper is the way to go. A little bit of sparkle is all you need to add that much needed update to your bedroom. Place some glitter wallpaper to one of your walls and match it up with some complimenting paint and your small bedroom is now a stylish space of your very own. Plus, the shimmer effect will create the illusion of extra light and space in your small bedroom!

A few more small bedroom decorating ideas and hints from the I Love Wallpaper Team….

  • Save space with shelving. A small bedroom is always going to be short on floor space, so opt for shelves when it comes to storing your necessities.
  • Keep your furniture simple. Don’t use up valuable space with too much furnishings. Only use pieces that are essential. A bed, a wardrobe and either a chest of drawers or a dressing table are all you really need in a bedroom.
  • Add a mirror and create the illusion of light and space. A full length mirror placed on your wall will help to add extra light and make your room look that little bit bigger. Or you could go one step better and choose mirrored furniture.
  • Choose a bed that has plenty of storage space underneath it. This will help to save space for the rest of the room and keep things looking neat and tidy too.
  • Consider vinyl or laminate flooring to help your small bedroom look bigger. The wooden panel pattern will help to create the feel of a much larger space.

For even more home inspiration, check out our Instagram where we have plenty of decor ideas for you to scroll through! From small bedroom decorating ideas to living rooms, kitchens, hallways and more, you will find an array of wallpaper ideas on our Insta!

Decorating Inspiration

Living Room Decorating Ideas

In need of some inspiration for your lounge? Then take a look through our living room decorating ideas. We have plenty of hints and tips on how to decorate your living area. Whether you are overhauling your entire room or just looking to make a few small changes, you will find the inspiration you need to give your living room that much needed update.

Feature Walls

A feature wall is the perfect way to add some style to your living room walls. If you have a small lounge but fear a bold patterned wallpaper will overpower the room, consider a feature wall. The chimney breast is the perfect place for feature wallpaper, whether its a floral pattern you’re after or perhaps you are wanting to add some stripes to your living room. Make sure your other walls are painted in a complimenting colour and you are good to go.

Grey & Rose Gold

Two colours which were big in 2018 were grey and rose gold. These two complimenting tones were a hit in many homes last year and is a trend that is here to stay. If you are considering a living room update, why not try this colour combination? Start with some grey and rose gold wallpaper in a subtle yet stylish print, then furnish the room with some beautiful soft blush and cream furniture. Accessorise with some rose gold light fittings and dark grey accessories and your room is complete.

Geometric Print

The geometric print was another big hit for 2018 and is set to be a continuing trend for 2019 too. This beautiful print is one that looks stunning in a living room and allows you to experiment with print in a sophisticated way. No matter what colour scheme you choose for your lounge, a little geometric wallpaper is the perfect way to decorate your walls. The navy and gold is a particular favourite of ours, as is the soft pink and rose gold print, both of which will help to create a beautiful living space.

White Patterned Walls

You may think white is a little dull and boring, but think again. A white patterned wallpaper is the perfect way to add subtle style to your walls. Plus, if you are short on space in your living room, then this particular shade will help to create the illusion of extra space. From brick effect to trellis print, white pattern wallpaper is ideal for those who want to keep things looking clean and chic yet still want to add a little something extra to their decor.

Wallpaper The Alcoves

One of our favourite living room decorating ideas is wallpapering the alcoves. More often than not, the alcoves in a living room are overlooked when it comes to decorating, but a great way to update your living room is by wallpapering your alcove walls. Opt for a contrasting colour to the rest of your room for a unique yet on trend look. Damask wallpaper is a superb look for alcoves, as is trellis print, tartan and marble effect too.

Colour of The Year 2019

The colour of the year for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ and if past years are anything to go by, then this particular shade is set to be everywhere over the next twelve months. Expect a lot of coral when it comes to decor trends in 2019 and if you are wanting to add the trend to your home this year, then why not add it to your living room? Turquoise, white and grey all compliment coral beautifully, so bear this colour palette in mind when decorating your lounge. Some subtle grey wallpaper paired with coral and turquoise homeware is the perfect way to add the colour of the year to your home in 2019.

Need some more living room decorating ideas for your home? Below are a few more handy hints on how to update your lounge in the new year.

  • When it comes to flooring, you don’t need to keep replacing it everytime you want to redecorate. Instead, opt for a versatile laminate or some wooden flooring and use large area rugs in the middle of your room. This way you won’t need to replace your flooring each time you want to change the colour scheme of your living room. Instead, simply add a new rug whenever you feel like updating your lounge.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. It’s easy to just leave the ceiling as it is, but why not utilise this space when updating your living room? Try painting your ceiling a different colour besides white or add some prints to give your room a more opulent feel. You could even try some different lighting such as built in down lights for a unique touch.
  • Want to mix it up a bit? Then combine different patterns and textures to create a luxurious living room that wouldn’t look out of place in a show home. Think geometric rugs, fluffy blankets and velvet cushions for a lounge that will be the envy of your friends and family.

For more living room decorating ideas and home decor tips, keep checking back for more blog posts or scroll through the I Love Wallpaper Instagram where you will find plenty of inspiration for every room of your abode.

Decorating Inspiration

Hallway Decorating Ideas

It’s the first thing people see when they step into your home, so it is important that your hallway looks and feels welcoming for your guests. It may not be the top of your list when it comes to updating your home, but it’s something to consider if you want to create a welcoming feel; not just for visitors, but for yourself. After you have had a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to step into your front door to a beautifully decorated hallway? Well with our hallway decorating ideas you can. Take a look at some of our top tips below on how to decorate your hallway, porch and stairs.

Accessorise Your Stairs

Why not utilise the steps on your stairs and add some ornaments? This helps to utilise the space on your staircase whilst adding some style to your stairway and hallway too. Hanging something from the bannister could also help accessorise this area too and adds that little something extra to really make your hallway stand out.

Add A Console Table

A console table will add some extra style and storage to your hallway and can be used to showcase ornaments, candles and photos too. Choose a wooden or mirrored table and place at the bottom of your stairs. Accessorise with some matching ornaments and some photos for a homely feel. Adding a lamp will also bring some light to your hall too.

Utilise Space Under Your Stairs

The cupboard under the stairs doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for all your mess. Why not make use of this space by creating a den? This adorable door and window entrance is great for utilising the space under your stairs whilst creating a fun place for your little ones. If you are thinking of recreating this look, then our brick effect wallpaper will add the perfect finishing touch.

Create Light With Mirrors

A mirror added to the wall in your hallway is a great tactic to creating some extra light in a foyer. As this area of the home is often short on space it can be prone to darkness. A mirror placed in the hallway will help to add some light and create the illusion of extra space. This beautiful hallway is a perfect example of how a mirror can impact a small space.

Add Seating For A Touch of Comfort

If you have the space for some seating, why not add a chair or a bench for a touch of comfort in your hallway? Even a small cushioned dining chair can add a touch of luxury in your hallway and create a welcoming space for visitors.

Combine Carpet With Laminate

You may be inclined to think that your stair carpet needs to extend to your hallway flooring too. But think again. A carpet on the stairs teamed with a laminate in the hall can add a more dynamic and more opulent feel in this area of the home. Make sure your carpet and laminate are in complementing colours for a lavish look.

Choose Floor Rugs For A Cosy Feel

Instead of a door mat, why not consider adding area rugs to your hallway? A rug will add a more cosy feel as opposed to a doormat which can look harsh and out of place. A runner rug is a good option for a narrow hallway or consider two small rugs if a large area rug is struggling to fit.

Try Dark Wallpaper

If you want a dramatic feel for your hallway, then try some darker shades when it comes to wallpaper. This navy geometric wallpaper in navy features a hint of gold and provides both a dramatic feel while the gold shimmer adds a touch of light if your hallway is short on space and light.

Paint Your Bannisters

It can be easy to forget your bannister when updating your hallway, but painting your wooden bannisters can help to add a little more style and create a unique look for your stairs. Choose a complimenting colour that matches your wallpaper and carpet to help pull the space together. Our stunning Camden Trellis wallpaper paired with a grey painted bannister offers a beautifully welcoming foyer.

More Hallway Decorating Ideas from the I Love Wallpaper team…

  • If you have a small hallway and feel wallpaper will overpower the space, then why not try adding wallpaper to just one wall and paint the other wall in a complimenting shade? This trick is also ideal if you have chosen a dark wallpaper and have a narrow hallway to decorate.
  • Want to get rid of clutter? Don’t place coat racks or shoe racks near the door. It will become a dumping ground for jackets and shoes. Instead, utilise the space under your stairs or cupboard space in other areas of the home.
  • Consider painting your stairs instead of laying down a carpet. This will help to create the illusion of extra space and add a rustic feel to your hallway and stairway.

Hopefully this has given you plenty of hallway decorating ideas and inspiration to allow you to create a welcoming space for you and your guests. For more interior design inspiration, take a look through our Instagram where you will find plenty of inspo for your abode! Or alternatively, keep checking back on our blog for more decorating tips and tricks for your hallway and more.