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How to style your home for Christmas

The year has flown by once again, and here we are hunting the loft and basement for our old, reliable Christmas decorations. If you are an interior Instagram follower then you will know how much pride everyone is taking in their home. With the hashtag ‘#interiorstyling’ reaching over 7 million mentions, 2019 really has been a monumental year for interior lovers.

Christmas is no exception when it comes to taking pride in interior design. Give your home some festive flair this holiday with our gorgeous Christmas living room decorating ideas. From dressing the tree in decorative bows to jazzing up the coffee table with sweet cinnamon scented candles, we’ve found ways to make every corner of your space fabulous this festive period. 

Choose your theme

Are you a traditional Christmas decorator? Covering your tree in all things red, green and gold. Or are you strict colour coordinated? The “anything that doesn’t match isn’t coming near” type.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a balance between traditional and contemporary, and find a look that suits your space.

Try dressing your tree in the same shade as your upholstery to bring the whole room together. We have taken luxury home interior to the next level by accompanying the Crystal Greek Key Glass Beads Wallpaper in Gold with a heavenly blush coated tree.

Decorating with a warmer wallpaper shade has enhanced comfort and charm throughout this living area. Gold can be used as an accent colour all year round to complete and lift a simple scheme. Pairing these gold hues with blush decor has delved into a delicate and soft colour pallet. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle too! Glittery baubles are all the range right now.

Add some home comfort

If your home is usually the hub of family festivities at Christmas, then your living room will be the go-to space to relax and unwind. Which is even more reason to create a nostalgic, cosy home full of furry accessories! Yes that’s right – from fur coated cushions to thick lavish faux throws. Layer up in style this Christmas. 

As well the obvious winter warmers, make sure you dot plenty of Christmas scented candles around! Your home needs to smell as good as it looks, and nothing says Christmas like flickering festive candles.

Let there be light!

The light in a room ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambience of choice. A simple change in lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and transform a dull space into an inviting hub with the flick of a switch.

The Tree is usually the focal point of your Christmas decor, lighting up the whole room. To match the warmth of the wallpaper, we recommend opting for warm honey-coloured Christmas lights to create a deeply rich and charming scheme.

The crystal beaded wallpaper is set to sparkle all year long with this Pasadena table lamp. It’s frosted shade and gold metallic stand complement the Greek Key design beautifully. Find a lamp that can perfectly fit in with the exclusive and exceptional style of your home.

Get crafty this Christmas

No one said you have to spend a fortune to bring your glamorous home vision to life. You can get really creative with the decs by making your own! This not only means yours is original and like no other – it also adds to the festive fun.

We used unwanted wallpaper samples to create our very own Christmas tree topper. This is a fabulous way to re-use your samples and the perfect finishing touch. There’s plenty you can make too. From baubles to homemade garlands and wreaths. The list is endless, and will provide some amusement for you and the family.

Effortless glamour

The crucial element here is the furniture. Opt for plush fabrics, velvet covered chairs and a metal or glass side table. This variety of textures adds effortless glamour, creating a very sophisticated yet relaxed look. 

Start by selecting 2 or 3 colours that contrast subtly with the wallpaper and have some fun! Gold, Neutral & Blush Pink works so heavenly together, and we have incorporated those tones throughout the furniture and decor to match. Adding velvet furnishings is tactile and durable with a hint of decadence,. The texture will instantly turn a room from drab to fab.

Find the perfect backdrop for your home and start creating a Christmas hub of dreams. Whether you adore our admirable gold designs, or need some frosted snowflake vibes we have it all here to create a home you’ll love this festive period.


Upcycling Wallpaper at Christmas: Four Top Festive Tips

Whether you’re eco-friendly or simply just thrifty, reusing wallpaper is a great way to save money at Christmas and make an array of eye-catching, attractive decorations without busting the bank. 

Not only will your Christmas decorations be one of a kind and completely unique, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that they’re planet-friendly too. So, how can you reuse wallpaper around Christmas? I Love Wallpaper have compiled a handy list of Christmas crafts and festive upcycling ideas for those rolls of unused wallpaper that are left forgotten at the back of the cupboard. 

Wrapping with Wallpaper

Perhaps one of the more obvious uses for your old offcuts is to turn them into sheets of eye-catching, Christmas wrapping wallpaper. 

In the UK alone, we create around three million tonnes of waste during the festive season, with 8,000 tonnes attributed solely to waste wrapping paper, therefore any ways in which we can help reduce this figure should be welcomed.

Wrapping presents with wallpaper is a fantastic way to cut down on this huge amount of refuse, especially considering many gift wraps on the shop shelves cannot be recycled. 

Create Eye-Catching Christmas Decorations

Whipping up some Christmas decorations with your unused wallpaper is another popular means of upcycling. As well as being a brilliant way to cut down on waste, they also look a damn sight better than cheap plastic decorations that can’t be recycled! 

Within minutes, you can turn wallpaper that was destined for the bin into a whole host of unique decorations for your tree, walls, mantlepiece and more. We’ve included some of our festive favourites below. 

Wallpaper Christmas Tree

One of the most widespread yet simple wallpaper Christmas decoration ideas is the Christmas tree. There’s no mistaking the iconic outline of a pine tree, and its shape can’t help but evoke the Christmas spirit, and thankfully, it’s one of the easiest knickknacks to knock up. 

You’ll need: 

  • Wallpaper of your choice, a pencil, scissors, string, tape and a hole puncher. 
  • Sketch out the outline of a Christmas tree as a template, then using the template, draw a series of trees on the white backing of your wallpaper. 
  • Cut out the pine trees carefully.
  • You may double back the Christmas tree cutouts at this point with tape and a second cut out, or leave it as a single sheet and decorate the white backing, the choice is yours!
  • Make a hole in the top of the decoration using the hole puncher and attach the string.
  • Hang your wallpaper Christmas tree and enjoy!

Craft a Christmas Star

Another essential part of any Christmas tree’s trimming (or topping) is the Christmas star. Where you place your stars and the size you choose to make them is entirely up to you, but constructing them from a variety of Christmassy coloured wallpaper is a great way to create some one-of-a-kind Christmas decs. 

You’ll need: 

  • Some suitably Christmas-themed wallpaper, a pencil, scissors, string and a hole puncher.
  • Sketch out a template of a Christmas star or use a pre-designed template, then draw a series of star outlines on the white backing of your wallpaper.
  • Cut out the stars and then fold so that the high points of the star meet each other, repeat this on all the corners of your star.
  • Once unfolded, you should now have a raised, ridged star design
  • Make a hole on one of the corners of the star, attach your string and hang!

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers 

No Christmas dinner is complete without the obligatory pulling of Christmas crackers and the subsequent bad jokes, but how about creating some DIY Christmas crackers of your own with unused wallpaper? 

There are plenty of cheap DIY cracker kits out there that will form a base for your showstopping wallpaper designs, so get hold of one and follow our simple instructions. 

You’ll need: 

  • DIY Christmas cracker kit, PVA glue, scissors, a Stanley knife and your preferred choice of wallpaper.
  • Take the open Christmas cracker design and apply the PVA glue evenly across the outside of the sheet.
  • Place the wallpaper on top of the sheet and cut around the shape using scissors, complete the rest of your cutting carefully with a Stanley knife, making sure to avoid the slightly explosive strip that gives crackers their pop!
  • Once dry, you’re able to add your choice of gift, joke or paper crown before rolling and securing the inserts of the cracker. 
  • Extra tip: why not finish off your DIY Christmas cracker design by tying with a ribbon that compliments your wallpaper choice or themed name tags?

If you enjoyed our four top festive tips for upcycling old wallpaper, don’t miss the rest of the I Love Wallpaper blog page where you’ll find plenty of interior design inspiration, decorating ideas, how to’s and more. 


Interior Design Tips: Mixing & Matching Materials & Patterns

Mixing and matching in interior design is incredibly popular, and when done well, it can make a room’s aesthetics totally unique, but there’s a fine line between harmoniously marrying materials and patterns and creating an interior space that clashes. 

One huge benefit of mixing and matching colours and prints is it allows you to keep pace with ever-shifting interior design trends. Swapping in different fabrics, shades and wallpaper is a thrifty way to refresh your interior without breaking the bank while doing so. 

In regards to this, there’s a big focus on picking accessories and standout features that fit seamlessly with your space, often using neutral walls or impactful wallpapers as a solid, adaptable base to build upon. 

You should know this by now, but our team here at I Love Wallpaper love nothing more than putting together a handy guide to help you out! Read on below for our top interior design tips on mixing and matching materials and patterns. 

What Does Mix and Match Mean? 

First things first, what is mix and match? Though it’s a current trend, mixing and matching has been popular for decades, you’ll find it used creatively in both clothing and interior design to create unique and bold styles. 

Using clever combinations of colours, materials and patterns, designers are able to employ generally contrasting styles and assemble them together to create an interior design then ties together seamlessly. 

So, now you know about mixing and matching, how to put it into practice? 

Consider the Right Contrasts 

If every single surface in a room was the same shade of colour, it would soon get boring. It’s for this reason that we contrast colours in most interior designs, no matter how subtle. When mixing and matching, the contrasting of colours is ramped up to stunning effect, producing a visual spectacle of a room.

It’s important to remember that, when assessing a room, the eye gravitates towards spaces that provide a visual feast, with multiple elements to take in under one whole design. It’s for this reason that mixing and matching are so effective and why using contrasting colours alongside alternating materials and patterns adds to the impact. 

We suggest picking out a main theme for your room and conducting some research into which colours contrast well, allowing you to work different tones seamlessly into your interior. 

Play Around with Patterns

Patterns play a huge part in any successful interior design’s mixing and matching, but it’s rare that you’ll find the right combination right away. In this respect, it’s always a good idea to play around with patterns before committing them to your interior design. 

Patterns allow you to effortlessly add in different shades of colour as well as provide an element of visual stimulation, you can even repeat these patterns around the room in accessories, furnishings and wallpapers, or contrast different patterns against one another. 

One important factor to remember is you’ll need a common theme running between patterns in order to tie them together, this could be ensuring that your colour palettes are in-keeping, or that patterns pair together cohesively and don’t clash. 

The general rule of thumb when experimenting with different patterns is to incorporate a maximum of four different looks into one space. You should also avoid over-doing it on bold colours, using plenty of neutrals in between your contrasting shades to break up the room’s aesthetics. 

Think of patterns like ingredients; you want to add a little spice to a dish but not overpower it, while each food type should also work together in tandem with the next to provide a great-tasting plate of food. Patterns and colours work in the same way, you need to carefully consider each element and be certain that you’re including it for reasons that will only add to the end product of interior space. 

Experiment with Texture

In the well-populated world of interior design, ‘texture’ applies to both the look and feel of a material, print or wallpaper. Considering physical interaction with an item in your interior space as well as its aesthetics is integral when it comes to adding elements that stimulate the senses. 

Contrary to popular belief, our eyes sometimes register rough textures as more visually appealing and comfortable than smooth textures, so finding the perfect balance of the two is important in terms of creating an interior that you simply want to sit in (or sleep in) and enjoy. 

Of course, wallpapering is one of the easiest and most effective means of achieving different textures in your interior design, while repeating these textures in rugs, cushions and other textiles and accessories will tie in the look in one big, comfy swoop. 

There you have it, three easy steps to achieve an effortless mix-match look in your home! If you’re looking for more handy advice and interior inspiration, check out our blog section or follow us over on Facebook and Instagram.

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

2020 Colour Trends

As quickly as we watch another year go by, we also see colour trends change and give way to a whole host of new hues.

Last year saw the introduction of terracotta themes, olive greens, fiery reds and resplendent coral colours, but what decor colour trends are we likely to see as we head into a new decade? To help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your interiors aesthetics on-trend, we’ve put together a collection of paint that follows our favourite 2020 colour trends.

Natural Sage

Our biggest colour trend for 2020 is, without a doubt, going to be the tropical-yet-tranquil ‘Natural Sage’.

Natural Sage allows homeowners to reconnect with nature as well as each other, ignoring the chaotic cacophony of everyday life and turning your interior into a secluded retreat that’s free from stress. 

With a nod to natural landscapes as well as the environmental impact our technology and consumption is having on both ourselves and the planet, Natural Sage is the obvious choice for those looking to get back to basics in the utmost style. 

So, which other paint colours can you employ that will complement and work in tandem with Natural Sage? 

Calming Colours

While 2019 colour trends ramped up the shocking shades and vivid colours, 2020 will see many interior designs take a much calmer approach. 

Serene colour schemes are in, and at a time where many are worrying about the effects of technology and the feeling that it’s isolating us from one another, a return to natural shades could be welcomed.To combat this digital disillusion, I Love Wallpaper has picked a palette of calmer colours to persuade people to ditch their devices, take a step back and drink in their surroundings. Shades such as ‘Amphibious’, ‘Manhattan Grey’ and ‘White Lace’ perfectly complement Natural Sage, helping to create a calming, harmonious environment.

Peaceful Pastels

If you’re looking for a splash more colour, why not consider pairing Natural Sage with some peaceful pastel shades? 

Pastels provide a fantastic backdrop for bolder interior design additions and accessories. They allow your select pieces to do the talking while your walls do the leg work, providing a relaxing, pleasant space to sit back in and enjoy.We’ve picked out ‘Gentle Haven’, ‘Rosebud’ and ‘Blue Horizon’ as just three of the pastel colours that work amazingly well alongside Natural Sage.

Sonorous Shades

If pastels are a little light and summery for your taste, perhaps you can switch things up and redecorate with some richer colours? 

Using strong, full-bodied shades alongside the tranquil tones of Natural Sage produces some stunning results, creating a lavish interior space that’s laced with warm aesthetics. The ‘Amphibious’, ‘Mocha’ and ‘Teal Topaz’ paints available here at I Love Wallpaper lend themselves to create some truly decadent interior designs.

Additional Wallpaper Ideas

Of course, you don’t just have to stick to paint in order to work our colour trends for 2020 into your home’s interior. 

The nuanced tones of Natural Sage crop up in or complement many of our stunning wallpaper designs too. The likes of our Palma Tropical (pictured), Toile and Wildlife Animal Wallpaper from Lucie Annabel are just a few examples of eye-catching wallpapers that work wonderfully well with Natural Sage.

If you’d like any assistance in picking out shades of paint or wallpaper designs to pair with our 2020 colour trends, simply contact our friendly ILW team! For more amazing tips and advice from the experts, visit our blog page.

Decorating Inspiration

Matching Paint to Wallpaper

Matching paint with your wallpaper can give many image-conscious homeowners a massive headache. After all, you don’t want to spend countless hours deliberating over the perfect wallpaper to have your design undone by mismatching paint, do you? 

Mercifully, the wallpapering wizards and interior experts here at I Love Wallpaper have made things a whole lot easier for you! Many of our stunning wallpapers include some handy suggestions on the perfect paint to accompany your print, meaning that achieving a cohesive style is just a click away. 

However, should you wish to branch out a bit and plump for some bolder colours and different shades of paint, we’ve also compiled some helpful tips on the best paint colours for your wallpaper.  

Consider Your Space

Before you commit to splashing your walls with a new colour, you should really think about the space you have to work with. 

First things first; find some inspiration. The likes of Instagram, Pinterest and home decor magazines are great for picking up pointers, bookmark your favourite interior design ideas or even create a mood board to help you finalise how your room will look and feel.

Lighting is the second thing to take note of; study the levels of natural light, any artificial lighting and how they might affect your paint colour of choice. 

Lastly, it’s a good idea to buy testers before purchasing pots and pots of paint. Perform a colour test on an A4 sheet of paper first with your paint samples, then once you’ve narrowed the colour contenders down, apply the chosen few to your wall; make a note of how they dry and monitor them in different levels of light too. 

Matching Paint to Plain Wallpaper

Despite being more simple in its design, plain wallpaper can often be trickier to pair with paint. Pick the wrong shade and your paint runs the risk of overpowering subtle wallpaper prints, so it’s essential that you compliment and not detract from your interior’s design. 

We recommend picking up on accents in the wallpaper rather than mirroring the predominant colour in question, while you can also choose a paint that pairs well with your furniture and decor accessories too.

How to Choose Colours to Match Your Bold Wallpaper

On the other hand, there’s bold wallpaper. Arguably, there’s a lot more scope when choosing paint to match your bold wallpaper, given the wealth of eye-catching colours and strong prints available. 

There are a few techniques that will help you tackle picking paint to match bold wallpaper; if you’re looking for the wow factor, why not go for the high contrast approach? Art Deco, Animal and Tropical wallpaper prints are all in, with each offering some fantastic colour palettes to play around with. Pairing the vivid pint of our Flamingo Wallpaper (pictured left) with complimenting, contrasting bold navy blue colours and retro furnishings gives your living space an instant impact.

If you prefer a more subtle colour scheme, why not let the bold prints of your wallpaper do the talking? Mixing impactful wallpaper designs with lighter colours creates a high-end finish that isn’t too in-your-face. 

Our Bird & Butterfly, Floral and Leaf wallpaper feature an array of amazing prints that embody this stylistic approach. The eye-catching wallpaper does all the work while delicate whites and soft furnishings work harmoniously with designs such as our Meadow Floral Trail wallpaper

Matching Feature Wallpaper with Paint

Feature wall designs are intended to pull the eye in their direction, but it’s important that you pick a paint that’s going to work in tandem with your feature wallpaper. Damask, Geometric and Retro wallpaper prints are all on-trend feature wall choices that are getting a lot of love at the moment.

Use designs such as the stunning Nova Geometric Wallpaper in Navy & Gold (pictured left) to attract attention for all the right reasons. 

When paired with a subtle paint choice and corresponding furnishings, your feature wall will really be allowed to shine. Which accents from the feature you choose to focus on and repeat in your choice of paint colour and interior design are up to you, but bear in mind how the colours will tie in and work seamlessly with your furniture and accessories. 

If you’d like more help with matching paint to wallpaper or further information on any of the prints featured, please don’t hesitate to contact our I Love Wallpaper team who’d be happy to assist! For more up-to-date advice and essentials, check out our amazing blog section

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

Bold Wallpapers for a Daring Bathroom

Long gone are the days where you’d only find boring paper lining a bathroom wall. It’s a room that was often guilty of being neglected, a room that was only visited out of necessity and not styled to be enjoyed. 

These days, people are beginning to appreciate their bathrooms, exploring different interior design options and revelling in discovering new design ideas to make the bathroom a place to relax and unwind. Bold wallpaper designs are bang on-trend at the moment, and there’s plenty of prints out there that can completely transform your bathroom’s aesthetics. Our clued-up I Love Wallpaper team have put together some interior inspiration with our list of unusual bathroom wallpaper designs and daring prints. 

Totally Tropical

Tropical is topical; right now tons of people are choosing to line their bathroom with tropical wallpaper, and it’s easy to see why! 

Designs such as the Lucie Annabel Palma Tropical Wallpaper come in four amazing colours, all of which can’t fail to add a splash of colour and a little of the exotic to your bathroom walls. 

The foliage works fantastically well aside crisp white tiles and softer complementary shades in your bathroom accessories. 

Magnificent Marble

Marble and ceramics are best friends, and matching up the two textures produces stunning results for your bathroom’s aesthetics. 

The opulence of marble and its clean appearance is perfect for pairing with clean white or ultra-modern grey tiling and luxurious linens, mixing together new and old themes.  

Marble wallpaper is also a fantastic way to achieve the positive effects of marbling without the price tag, and those frequenting your washroom will swear it’s the real thing!

The Feature Wall Effect

Feature walls aren’t reserved solely for your front room or bedroom, they’re a fantastic addition to the bathroom too. 

The bathroom often enjoys less space than other rooms in the house, and so papering all four walls can run the risk of looking a little “busy”. If you don’t have much room to play with, a feature wall is an ideal way around this interior obstacle, and a quirky bathroom wallpaper design can really break up the flat colours and neutral tones of your room.

Retro prints and geometric wallpaper are perfect for feature walls, with their bold shapes and vivid colours drawing attention for all the right reasons. You can also use it as a backdrop for furniture or a point of reference to mix and match the colour of your tiles and bathroom accessories.

Bathing in Baroque Style

Nothing says luxury and relaxation quite like incorporating the Baroque style into your bathroom. Sink back, take in your surroundings and you’d swear you were in a Roman bath or drinking in the ornate designs of seventeenth-century art and architecture. 

This bold style is perfect for those who like the finer things in life, and there’s no better way to complete a statement bathroom than lavishing your interior with some luxurious prints. 

Our Barocco Flowers Wallpaper is a stunning design that is sure to set off your high-end bathroom fixtures and provide the finishing touches with a plush bathroom print.

Let the Outside In

Introducing elements of nature and inspiration from the great outdoors is a great way to freshen up your bathroom, creating a clear, calm and airy aesthetic. 

Bird & butterfly prints and floral wallpaper are just two styles you can explore in order to incorporate an eye-catching, natural style into your bathroom. 

Papers such as our Tropicana Floral Leaf Wallpaper work brilliantly alongside tiles or wooden panels, and they’re a great way to tie in indoor planting and vibrant colour palettes too. 

Before You Go…

Ahead of setting about papering your chosen wallpaper style, it’s important that you consider the humidity of your bathroom. 

If conditions are too humid, the wallpaper may bubble or peel; you can combat this by investing in a specialist bathroom wallpaper that is washable and able to withstand moisture. If the wallpaper is not ready-made this way, coating your wallpaper with decorators varnish will seal the paper and allow for easy cleaning and protection against humidity. 

If you’d like more information on any of the wallpapers featured, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who’ll be happy to help! For more interior design advice and inspiration, check out our blog page

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

Meet the London Collection

Say hello to the brand new London Collection. This exclusive collection is made up of five unique designs. The London Trellis, Greek Key, Stripe, Hex and Damask. These wallpapers are a great addition to I Love Wallpapers Exclusive Lines, and add the most luxurious touch to your home.

The London Trellis Wallpaper is inspired by an old classic. The Trellis design became popular in the mid-19th century and to this day Trellis designs are at the forefront of interior design trends. Trellis patterns are a great addition to any space, and are enjoying a style moment right now.

The London Greek Key Wallpaper is a contemporary design that will add nothing but style, sophistication and superior class to your home. This legendary pattern has been found on Aztec sculptures and Peruvian crafts in South America, as well as in ancient Chinese architecture. 

The most monumental origins of this pattern is of course from ancient Greece and still boldly impacts interior design to this day. I Love Wallpaper have created their own, up-to-date version, coated in metallic and embossed with glitter to enhance every aspect of this high-end design.

The London Stripe Wallpaper is timeless, adding luxury and class to your home. For hundreds of years stripes have been used throughout fashion, and hence feature regularly in interior design.

The London Stripe elongates your walls, exploring new heights of texture, sparkle and high lustre design. The finished look adds a fashionable touch to a much-loved wallpaper pattern.

The London Hex Wallpaper is a stunning geometric design that combines a bold pattern with opulence. Geometric designs are the perfect feature, creating an eye-catching focal point within your home.

The Hex pattern is so unique that it will bring a modern and tasteful look to any space. The reflective metallic background adds extra sparkle, making it an interior lovers must.

The London Damask Wallpaper is an enduring floral design. It’s highly unlikely Damask wallpaper will ever go out of fashion, as it is such a distinguished print and has been admired for over a century.

The London Damask wallpaper offers a classic pattern with a contemporary twist, the mixed glitter and metallic background provides effortless glamour.

The London Collection contains four beautiful colourways. Silver, Gold, Pewter and White. These graceful tones reflect superbly and glisten beautifully when direct light hits their surface. These wallpapers combine the perfect blend of texture with a silky smooth finish.

This desirable collection meets a whole new world of glamour. There is definitely a design for everyone in The London Collection. Shop the full range here.

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

Alternative Ways To Use Wallpaper In Your Home

It can be difficult to come up with new and exciting interior design ideas, especially in a world where social media is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and snapping everything becomes part of your daily ritual. Scouring the internet for an idea that isn’t already trending can be quite the task. That is why I Love Wallpaper have come up with some new innovative ideas of alternative ways to use wallpaper in your home that will put your creativity to the test.

Add Style to your Stairs

Green Wallpaper Designs by I Love Wallpaper

At first glance, the staircase can be quite a boring interior project, but thinking about alternative ways to use wallpaper, the stairs in your home can be a whole place to realise your interior design dreams! If you have a wooden staircase, why not brighten up the staircase itself with a variety of wallpaper designs? This wacky and wonderful idea might just be the creative spark you’ve been missing throughout your home.

However, it is important especially if you are getting super creative and mix-matching your prints with your interior design idea, to keep to a strict colour pallet. On this staircase a mixture of calm colours have been used to compliment the wooden aspect. The Tropicana Wallpaper in Ivory adds an airy flow, while the Morocco Trellis Wallpaper compliments those beautiful green tones. We think this range of natural colours work well together for an unexpected but attractive way to use wallpaper creatively.

Shop all of our green wallpaper designs here.

A Showstopper Ceiling

Filigree Geometric Wallpaper Navy, Gold

Wallpapering your ceiling brings a lot of interest to an area that usually doesn’t have any sort of design or decoration. If done correctly, it can create a dynamic look that explores a whole new level of interior design.

Without a doubt, adding a patterned wallpaper to your ceiling is a very daring move. A few important factors to consider are the lighting, size and colours in the desired room. We suggest keeping to one solid colour on the walls to match the wallpaper is a more appropriate way of styling it. We have chosen cool blues for the walls for a classic geometric wallpaper ceiling look to match the Filigree Geometric Wallpaper in Navy and Gold.

Shop the geometric wallpaper here.

Cover up your cupboard

Navy Wallpaper Designs by I Love Wallpaper

Up-cycling furniture has become an ever changing interior trend, and recently its popularity has hit new heights. Up-cycling can make room for alternative ways to use wallpaper and really add extra dimension to a project. If you’ve got an old chest of drawers, or cupboard that’s on its way out, then it’s time to get handy with some D.I.Y! This is not only a fantastic way to revamp old furniture, but the result is amazing and you’re left with your very own bespoke piece.

Mix and match your favourite navy designs to create a new contemporary and chic set of drawers.

Shop our navy wallpaper designs here.

A well-dressed wardrobe

Tropicana Wallpaper Ivory, Green

A plain wooden wardrobe can fade into the background in a bedroom. Transforming your wardrobe with a roll of wallpaper could just be the answer to turn it into a stylish feature and update your room without redecorating the whole space. Add a splash of paint and go all out with your choice.

A pop of colour and a contrasting design works wonderfully to bring a dull piece to life. A bold, tropical design such as the Tropicana Wallpaper is just the right amount of vibrance to do so.

Shop the tropical wallpaper here.

Bookshelf envy

Cubic Shimmer Wallpaper Grey, Copper

A bookcase is an essential household piece, it tells a thousand stories and can be turned into a storage haven for all your little knick-knacks. We suggest transforming your traditional bookcase to a more contemporary design to fit your style.

Dress up your bookshelf and create an iconic stand out piece in your home. A geometric print will really add dimension to the background of the bookcase, bringing it to life.

Shop the Cubic Shimmer Metallic wallpaper here.

We hope that you can take some summer time inspiration from our suggestions on alternative ways to use wallpaper in your home. Browse the complete wallpaper range here at I Love Wallpaper to find various patterns, finishes and styles to suit your preferences today!

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

How To Embrace The Colour Of The Year: Coral

Every year there is a colour that sweeps the interior design world up in its magic and 2019 is certainly no different. Whether you choose to adopt the popular colour wholeheartedly by decorating walls with it or prefer to let it influence your accent colours in the home, you’re bound to embrace its inspiration. Today at I Love Wallpaper we’re celebrating the official Pantone Colour of The Year – Living Coral and showing you how to incorporate this attractive shade into your home with coral paint colours and wallpapers.

Why Choose Coral?

According to the official Pantone description, Living Coral is ‘an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.’ It’s a lively shade that derives from the natural coral reefs beneath the sea, making it an appealing colour to choose when redecorating your home.

How To Bring Coral Into Your Home

Coral is a wonderfully versatile shade which could work wonderfully in any number of rooms in the home. It has the power to lighten up dark rooms during the winter months, and reflect the summer season perfectly! Brighten up a living room or dining room with a modern coral inspired painted wall using Johnstone’s Colour Vibe in Strawberry Daiquiri. The pinky toned coral paint can highlight a chimney breast or a window wall as a simple way to make an on-trend interior design statement.

From coral paint to coral wallpaper teamed with other complementary shades, a feature wall that includes this hue will ensure your home is keeping up to date with the latest interior design wallpaper trends. Coral can be teamed with a variety of other colours to create an attractive colour palette for a room. With a light coral and gold wallpaper in the bedroom, you can enjoy a luxurious look, whilst a coral and green combination gives real tropical vibes. However you choose to embrace the coral colour trend, it’ll give your home a stylish boost!

A Warm Colour Palette

A similar warm tone to coral is the more muted and mature Dulux Colour of 2019 – Spiced Honey. The light caramel shade is a lovely neutral hue that could add warmth to any plain wall, and promises a calming effect, making it an ideal shade for a living room. Providing the perfect backdrop to other rich colours, a wall spruced up with a spiced honey inspired shade will certainly fit into popular interior design trends for this year.

The rustic, bohemian interior design trend that we’re seeing lately can be easily achieved with plenty of natural fibre soft furnishings, leafy plants and a muted caramel painted wall in Johnstone’s Burnt Sugar. The caramel paint is also a great alternative shade for a teenage girl bedroom idea where more classic pink and purple shades aren’t welcome!


Are you embracing the official 2019 colours as part of your interior design plans? If you’re looking to give your home decor a refresh, be sure to take a look at the fabulous range of wallpaper and paint here at I Love Wallpaper for an amazing range of choice.

Inspiration Wallpaper Trends

Pinterest Interior Design Trends

If you’re searching for inspiration to update your home this year, Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas. Playing host to popular interior design trends, the site acts as a mood board where you can select your favourite home looks and collect them all in place. The visually appealing social media platform released the ‘Pinterest 100: The Top Trends For 2019’ to give us the heads up on what keen interior design lovers will be pinning this year. Here at I Love Wallpaper we’ve curated a list of home decor trends inspired by that list that are taking off in the interiors world and can be easily adopted in your own home!

Metallic Accents

A tasteful way to embrace the metal accents trend in your home decor is to opt for the Milan Metallic wallpaper that has stunning flecks of gold or silver against various background colours of navy, grey and pink. The contrasting metallic element will give a lovely reflective effect in the light, adding a whole new dimension to a wallpapered wall.

Milan Metallic Wallpaper Navy Gold

Bold Block Colours

As the famous saying goes – go big or go home. This year bold and vibrant colours are all the rage, with searches for bold print wallpaper up by 401% on Pinterest. Try a fun patterned wallpaper in unexpected places in your home like in the bathroom or hallway to brighten up space and create a focal point.

Flamingo Wallpaper Navy Blue

A colour that is finding itself at the centre of popularity is yellow, with canary yellow or mustard homeware proving to be the perfect shade for a pop of accent colour. Take it to another level with yellow wallpaper for a striking and on-trend interior design finish.

Morocco Trellis Wallpaper Mustard White

Bring The Outside In

Liven up your living room by introducing an element of nature with a garden inspired wallpaper. With Pinterest searches in wall fauna up by 287%, you can get floor-to-ceiling botanical prints with photography or illustration designs to appeal to your green-fingered side right here at I Love Wallpaper with our leaf print wallpaper range.

Lucie Annabel Palma Tropical Wallpaper Green

Earthy Colour Palette

Feeding into the rustic interior design trend perfectly is the rising popularity of a contemporary neutral colour palette. Using earth colours such as apricot, blue greys, olive green and charcoal greys with terracotta, you can create a stylish home decor look in any room of the home. The soothing feel of such a neutral inspired colour combination makes the earthy tones ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. Try adding terracotta plant pots and accessories, with grey blankets and green cushions as a way to incorporate the home decor trend into your existing style.

Johnstone’s Matt Emulsion Paint Chapel Stone

Which 2019 interior design trends will you be choosing for your home? Whether you’re looking to infuse metal accents in your lounge, or take a nature-inspired home decor approach to your bedroom with leaf print wallpaper, I Love Wallpaper is on hand to provide wallpaper and paint to suit your interiors style. Follow us on Pinterest for our interior design boards to spark inspiration whenever you need it!