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Is Gold the new Grey in Interior Design?

There’s no denying that grey has been the favourite neutral in interior design for the past five to ten years. It’s cool, classy, and the perfect canvas for both subtle styles and bold accents.

But we’ve got our eye on a new neutral that’s giving grey a run for its money.

Will gold take the reins as the new favourite neutral?

When it comes to interior design, neutral means without colour. Think white, brown, black beige, ivory, taupe and, of course, grey.

How to style black and white wallpapers

We love the simple elegance that comes from a black, white or monochrome wallpaper. Whether it’s wallpapers comprising of simple shimmers, stark geometrics, or pale shades, striping back colour can create a modern, striking scheme that provides the perfect finishing touch in your room. In the dark Make moody shades such as inky steel, charcoal …

How to Style Your Home for Christmas

The year has flown by once again, and here we are hunting the loft and basement for our old, reliable Christmas decorations. If you are an interior Instagram follower then you will know how much pride everyone is taking in their home. With the hashtag ‘#interiorstyling’ reaching over 7 million mentions, 2019 really has been …

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