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Wallpaper Trends: Get set for Some Escapism With Tropical Shores

Dreaming of summer sunshine, swaying palm trees and the sand between your toes? Us too! Let’s face it, holidays are never far from anyone’s mind and when it comes to destinations, a tropical paradise is always going to be a winner.

It’s little surprise then, that the love of all things tropical is spilling over into our home decor. Design-savvy decorators are embracing the opportunity to bring the outdoors in, putting a fresh spin on things with large, luscious palm prints and exotic animals inspiring eye-catching wallpapers and murals.

Is Gold the new Grey in Interior Design?

There’s no denying that grey has been the favourite neutral in interior design for the past five to ten years. It’s cool, classy, and the perfect canvas for both subtle styles and bold accents.

But we’ve got our eye on a new neutral that’s giving grey a run for its money.

Will gold take the reins as the new favourite neutral?

When it comes to interior design, neutral means without colour. Think white, brown, black beige, ivory, taupe and, of course, grey.

Should I Wallpaper my Dining Room?

Whether you’ve a dedicated room or open plan kitchen/diner, we love how social a space your dining space is. It’s a hub for family time, date nights, special occasions – and possibly even an office too! With the potential for so many memorable moments, you want your dining room to be a special place. Whether …

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