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  • What is the length of a standard roll of wallpaper?
A standard roll of wallpaper is 53cm x 10m (5sqm Coverage) unless stated otherwise.
  • What is the difference between the pattern 'repeat' and 'match'?
The pattern repeat measures the distance between the pattern starting & ending, whilst the pattern match provides a measurement of how offset the pattern is, in relation to the strip beside it.
  • How many drops to the roll do you get?
A standard roll of patterned wallpaper will get you 3 drops to the roll, and a standard roll of plain wallpaper will get you 4 drops to the roll.
  • How many rolls of wallpaper will I need to order?
We recommend using our handy online roll calculator shown on each product page. Simply enter the width & height of your wall, and we’ll calculate how many rolls you’ll need! - This includes an extra 10% for pattern matching purposes. Alternatively, our online roll calculator can be found here: Wallpaper roll calculator
  • I need to order more wallpaper, can you send from the same batch?
We can only offer a same batch guarantee per order. However, if we can’t match your batch number, we can send the closest possible batch. Please contact customer service with your order number and batch number, here: Contact Us
  • Should the design on the wallpaper always come off the roll the correct way up?
Depending on how the wallpaper is manufactured and packaged, this may differ. Always unroll the wallpaper and check prior to cutting and hanging.
  • Can you hang the wallpaper as well?
We unfortunately don’t provide a decorating service for the wallpaper. However, a quick search on Google and you should find many decorators in your local area. Or you can do it yourself! Our wallpaper is designed to be simple to hang
  • Can I hang new wallpaper on top of existing wallpaper?
It's possible, but we wouldn't recommend it as it will result in a slightly imperfect finish. Wallpaper will also not stick to textured or vinyl coated wallpapers.
  • What effect does heat have when hanging wallpaper?
All wallpapers should be allowed to dry naturally in well-ventilated conditions. In areas of high temperature, drying may be accelerated, causing the wallpaper to shrink and leave gaps in between strips.
  • Can you offer me advice on which wallpaper will go with my room?
Yes we can! Send us a message on social media or contact customer service and we’ll find the right wallpaper for you.
  • Can your wallpaper be cleaned?
Not all wallpapers should be cleaned or washed in the same way, that’s why we have carefully detailed the washability factor on every paper under finish, in the product details.
  • Is your wallpaper suitable for a bathroom or kitchen?
Not all wallpapers are suitable for the conditions of a kitchen or bathroom. If you are concerned about the potential effects, we recommend shopping from the kitchen & bathroom finish, here: Kitchen & Bathroom Wallpaper


  • How do I order a wallpaper sample?
Wallpaper samples are available on each product page, add each sample to your basket and proceed to checkout.
  • Are wallpaper samples free?
Wallpaper samples are available for just £1.25 per sample (excluding Versace, which is £3 per sample). Message us on Instagram to receive three free samples, here: Instagram
  • How big are your wallpaper samples?
Wallpaper samples are pre-cut to A3 size (53cm x 30cm).


  • Which wallpaper paste should I use?
Most commercial wallpaper pastes are suitable for use with our wallpapers. However, we recommend our own Premium Wallpaper Adhesive for a strong hold and excellent value for money. Available, here:  Premium Wallpaper Adhesive (3 Roll Pack)
  • What is the difference between paste the wall and conventional wallpaper?
You simply paste the wall rather than the paper. This specially designed material is much stronger than traditional wallpaper and requires no soaking time due to the special mesh-like properties.


  • Can you do a paint match for my chosen wallpaper?
Yes we can! Send us a message on social media or contact customer service to receive a paint match from our selection.


  • When should lining paper be used?
Using lining paper covers over many wall imperfections. It's also a great surface for the wallpaper to stick to, resulting in a much better finish.
  • Which lining paper should I use?
We recommend our own Heavyweight Lining Paper for it's fantastic value and heavyweight quality. Available, here: Heavyweight Lining Paper 10m Roll



  • Are the website images accurate?
We always try our best to supply the highest quality product images. Customer rooms may differ slightly in colour due to lighting.
  • I have seen an item in one of your customer rooms, where can I find this?
As our customer rooms are sent in to us, we unfortunately don't have this information available.


  • Do you have a store near me?
All three of our stores are based in the North East of England. You can locate your nearest store, here: Locate a Store
  • What times do your stores open and close?
We have three stores opening and closing at different times. You can check your nearest store times, here: Locate a Store


  • The product I want is out of stock, will there be a restock?
We can’t guarantee a restock for every product. Stock email notifications are available on out-of-stock products, on each product page.
  • Do you stock all your products in your stores?
Not all the products you see on our website can be found in our stores. For a stock check, please ring your nearest store, here: Locate a Store


  • How long does delivery normally take?
Economy Delivery takes between 3-5 working days. But we also have other UK delivery options available, here: Delivery For International delivery, please proceed to checkout and enter your address, you will then be given an estimated delivery date.
  • Where is my order?
For any order updates including tracking, please contact Customer Service, here: Contact Us
  • How much is delivery charge?
Delivery charge depends on which delivery option you choose, as well as your delivery address. UK Delivery options are available, here: Delivery For International delivery, please proceed to checkout and enter your address, you will then be given the calculated delivery charge.
  • Why is delivery charge to Northern Ireland different to other parts of the UK?
Delivery charge is reflected in the courier charges we incur when delivering overseas. Unfortunately, this also includes Northern Ireland.
  • When is the cut-off time for next day delivery?
The cut-off time for Express Delivery (Next Working Day) is 2pm. Orders made after 2pm on Express Delivery will take 1-2 Working Days.


  • Can I return an online order, in-store?
We are unable to process any online returns in-store, all returns must be sent to our warehouse address, here: Returns
  • I can't find you on Collect+, how do I process my return?
Search Collect+ for I Love Wallpaper with postcode 'TS24 0RE'. Or, click here: Collect+
  • Have you received my return?
For returns updates, please contact Customer Service, here: Contact Us