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How do I order a wallpaper sample?

Wallpaper samples are available on each product page, add each sample to your basket and proceed to checkout.

Are wallpaper samples free?

Wallpaper samples are available for just £1.25 per sample.

Wallpaper samples are pre-cut to A3 size (53cm x 30cm).

Which wallpaper paste should I use?

Most commercial wallpaper pastes are suitable for use with our wallpapers. However, we recommend our own Premium Wallpaper Adhesive for a strong hold and excellent value for money. Available, here: Premium Wallpaper Adhesive (3 Roll Pack)

What is the difference between paste the wall and conventional wallpaper?

You simply paste the wall rather than the paper. This specially designed material is much stronger than traditional wallpaper and requires no soaking time due to the special mesh-like properties.

The product I want is out of stock, will there be a restock?

We can’t guarantee a restock for every product. Stock email notifications are available on out-of-stock products, on each product page.

Do you stock all your products in your stores?

Not all the products you see on our website can be found in our stores. For a stock check, please ring your nearest store at Hartlepool, Blaydon or Sunderland. 

I need to order more wallpaper, can you send from the same batch?

We can only offer a "same batch guarantee" per order. Certain quantities of batches are created so it will depend on how quickly that batch of your wallpaper has sold. However, we will do our best to match a batch number from your previous order. To request more of the same batch, please complete a batch request form here.

Do you have a store near me?

All three of our stores are based in the North East of England at the following addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: All stores are currently closed, following government advice around coronavirus.

HartlepoolGreatham Street, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS25 1PU

Tel: 01429 861806

Blaydon - Unit 4-6 Tundry Way, Chainbridge Industrial Estate, Blaydon, Tyne and Wear, NE21 5SJ

Tel: 0191 4146716

Sunderland - (as Discount Decor), Unit 4 Pallion Retail Park, Woodbine Terrace, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR4 6TY

Tel: 0191 4477484

What times do your stores open and close?

We have three stores opening and closing at different times. Simply select your nearest store below to check opening times:





Cross lining involves hanging lining paper horizontally, instead of vertically, before you begin wallpapering. This creates creates a smooth, polished finish and a fab final look. Why horizontal? It's all about avoiding obvious vertical seams and increasing the bonding strength of the wallpaper.
You may think this has to do with measuring, but sizing is actually the process of applying a coat of paste to the wall you intend to decorate before the wallpaper is hung. Sizing is best done on clean, smooth walls and has multiple advantages, including easier removal when it comes to changing up your style. 


Pattern repeat is the distance between a particular pattern on your wallpaper and where it appears again. A pattern repeat is measure vertically and can help a lot when it comes to deciding how much wallpaper to order.


Design match is how two wallpaper strips fit together to give a cohesive look across the whole wall. The most popular matches are free matches (no specific pattern to match, often found on plain wallpapers), straight matches (pattern matches the width of the wallpaper, usually found on small intricate designs) and offset matches (1st and 3rd drops and 2nd and 4th drops are the same pattern to form a wider overall design, often found on bigger, vibrant patterns).


Symbol - one wavy line

Spongeable means you can clean the wallpaper, but using only a slightly damp sponge. Wallpaper in this category should be treated very delicately during the cleaning process, with gentle strokes and no chemicals or cleaning fluids used. It is not recommended for areas with high humidity or that could be susceptible to water exposure, such as kitchens or bathrooms.


Symbol - two wavy lines

Washable wallpaper can generally be cleaned with a sponge without causing damage. It is important to still take care during the cleaning process to avoid rips and tears, and avoid using chemicals to get rid of stains on this type of wallpaper. It is a good idea to rinse the sponge before tackling stains to avoid adding excess water to the paper, which can cause damage. 


Symbol - Three wavy lines

A resilient wallpaper, this type of wallpaper can withstand stronger cleaning and damp environments, making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. While this wallpaper should withstand small amounts of direct exposure to water, we would not recommend placing it directly in heavy splash zones, such as the back of sinks or showers. Soapy water and a sponge should remove most water-soluble stains from this wallpaper.


Symbol - One wavy line above a scrubbing brush

The strongest of wallpapers, this heavy-duty covering can withstand tougher scrubbing to remove water-soluble stains, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas. While you can use an increased amount of pressure to clean this wallpaper, including a soft brush and mild detergent over a sponge and water, it is important to still apply only appropriate pressure to avoid damage to the paper.

What is the length of a standard roll of wallpaper?

A standard roll of wallpaper is 53cm x 10m (5sqm Coverage) unless stated otherwise.

How many drops to the roll do you get?

A standard roll of patterned wallpaper will get you 3 drops to the roll, and a standard roll of plain wallpaper will get you 4 drops to the roll.

How many rolls of wallpaper will I need to order?

We recommend using our handy online roll calculator, shown on each product page. Simply enter the width & height of your wall, and we’ll calculate how many rolls you’ll need! This includes an extra 10% for pattern matching purposes. Take a look and test it out for your next decorating project.

Shop online with 100% security and confidence.

Should the design on the wallpaper always come off the roll the correct way up?

Depending on how the wallpaper is manufactured and packaged, this may differ. Always unroll the wallpaper and check prior to cutting and hanging as some wallpapers can be packaged in reverse. 

Can you offer me advice on which wallpaper will go with my room?

Yes we can! Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook...or contact customer service and we’ll find the right wallpaper for you.

Can your wallpaper be cleaned?

Not all wallpapers should be cleaned or washed in the same way, that’s why we have clearly indicated if wallpapers can be washed on every paper. It can be found under finish in the handy product details.

Is every wallpaper suitable for a bathroom or kitchen?

Not all wallpapers are suitable for the conditions of a kitchen or bathroom. If you are concerned about the potential effects, we recommend shopping from the Kitchen and Bathroom ranges we have curated on our site.

Can you hang the wallpaper as well?

Unfortunately we don’t provide a decorating service for the wallpaper. However, a quick search on Google and you should find many decorators in your local area or, as our wallpapers are designed to be as simple as possible to hang, you can unleash your inner decorator and go for it yourself.

Can I hang new wallpaper on top of existing wallpaper?

It's possible, but we wouldn't recommend it as it will result in a slightly imperfect finish. Please be aware new wallpaper will also not stick to textured or vinyl coated existing wallpapers.

What effect does heat have when hanging wallpaper?

All wallpapers should be allowed to dry naturally in well-ventilated conditions. In areas of high temperature, drying may be accelerated, causing the wallpaper to shrink and leave gaps in between strips.

Can you do a paint match for my chosen wallpaper?

Yes we can! Send us a message on social media or contact customer service to receive a paint match from our selection.

How many tins of paint will I require?

The amount of paint will vary depending on the size of the room you are painting, the base colour of the wall and the colour you are transforming it to. All of our tins are sold in 2.5l cans, with smaller 75ml sizes available for samples and small touch-ups if required.

When should lining paper be used?

Using lining paper covers over many wall imperfections. It's also a great surface for the wallpaper to stick to, resulting in a much better finish.

Which lining paper should I use?

We recommend our own Heavyweight Lining Paper 10m roll for it's fantastic value and heavyweight quality. Our own-brand lining paper is vinyl and glassfibre free.

Are the website images accurate?

We always try our best to supply the highest quality product images and close-up shots to see the stunning details in some of our wallpapers, including glitter, crystal or beading. Customer rooms may differ slightly in colour due to lighting.

I have seen an item in one of your customer rooms, where can I find this?

As our customer rooms are sent in to us, we unfortunately don't have this information available but continue to check our Instagram and Facebook pages where we curate a great selection of customer images, with product information and direct links through to the products used - happy shopping!