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“How many rolls of wallpaper will I need?” is the most common question asked during every decorating project. Fortunately, knowing the amount required to decorate your room just takes a simple calculation.

Below, we’ll take you through step-by-step how to measure for wallpaper and how to calculate wallpaper to determine how many rolls you’ll need.

But to make things even easier, you could use our handy online wallpaper calculator. 

Just enter the width and height of your wall(s), and we’ll calculate the amount of wallpaper you need in square metres.

How to measure wallpaper and calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need

Step 1. Measure the width of your wall(s) including any doors, windows and recesses. Then divide that by the width of the wallpaper roll you intend to buy (provided in product specification). This number will tell you how many drops of wallpaper you need for your room.

Step 2. Measure the height of your room and add 15cm to this measurement to account for trimming top and bottom. If your wallpaper is pattern repeat, add this measurement (provided in product specification) to your height measurement too.

Step 3. Once the height is calculated, take the length of the wallpaper roll (provided in product specification) and divide it by your total height measurement. This number will tell you how many drops you will get in a roll of wallpaper.

Important - Remember only to count full drops here - e.g. 2.78 should be rounded down to two drops.

Step 4. Divide the number of drops needed for your room, by the number of full drops you will get from a roll. Round this number up, and you will get the total amount of rolls you need to order.

Top tip - If in doubt, always overorder. If you order too little and have to order more, you could receive a roll from another batch, where colour or pattern differs slightly.

How long is a roll of wallpaper?

Typically, our rolls are 10.05m x 0.53m, but it is always best to check each product specification.

Keen to get wallpapering? Now that the calculations are done and dusted, head over to our full range of wallpapers and find that one you’ve had your eye on.

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